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  • I really like a lot of pokemon too. Cute pokemon are my favorites; though my crush on korrina has made me more fond of fighting types too (especially a weak spot for lucario's family right now).

    Awww thank you :3

    I have a forum of my own but i don't like posting the url publicly due to these horrable trolls who attacked me likely cuz i'm a girl with a crush on a female character >.<;;; blegh
    Hello! I would like to ref your PASBL match vs. NPT, however I am an ungraded referee, so I need permission from both battlers first. Would it be okay with you if I picked it up?
    I love your profile and that you're a fan of cute and pretty pokemon like shaymin and milotic :D

    also happy easter^^
    I KNOW!! lol, it has been an extremely long while, and well you know, pretty okay lol, busy with college, and man the Nintendo Switch is amazing though! Can't wait for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe this week!! WOO!! tremendously excited for that, other than that, super stressed, finals for me are April 20th lol
    The log entry for the final boss in Risk of Rain(quite annoying since I have to like play for about 40 minutes to get to him for just a try at the drop)
    Two hard boss rematches in Rogue Legacy
    Doing the whole true ending thing in Spelunky(pretty hard, I got discouraged after I messed up very badly shortly before endgame)
    Then there's Geometry Dash and FTL: Faster Than Light, which I'm making progress on, even though they're pretty hard, though I'll never 100% them because they have a lot of stuff to.
    I think I'll not get involved with beating Ori and the Blind Forest on One Life difficulty, I got pretty adept at it, but not trust myself to last long.
    There's also Crypt of the Necrodancer which I'm giving a pass on for now, while the recent DLC is still in early access.
    Then I hardly played Brutal Legend because my controller broke, but since I got a new one, I'll got back to it, and am missing just a few achievements.
    Oh, and Fire Emblem Fates, beating Revelation on Lunatic/Classic to finish the story, and then beating Birthright for the second time on the highest difficulties to wrap everything up. Thankfully I already did Conquest/Lunatic/Classic , it was really crazy by the endgame...
    That's another reason to not trust free to play developers...

    Really good, I just beat it yesterday.

    And made the halloween decorations already.
    I deleted it, good riddance. Mostly because they started recycling content. They made things like Charmander/Squirtle main stages again ~stage 400, so 30 out of those 50 "new" stages were reused old ones.
    And I got Fire Emblem Fates!
    Meh, not to me, it's just a small multiplayer shooter thing, like Destiny. I'm not really a big fan of it. :/

    Well, we all are, I die within a minute! XP
    Yes, since judging from the sceptile competition they will give them out even less frequently, and I still need three for Banette before going for Rayquaza...

    I kind out caught up now.
    While I haven't done an item run for Sceptile, I did unlock all expert stages, meaning I have 6 more pokemon to catch.
    Oh, and there's survival mode, even with the glitch that lets you start with 99 moves, you probably still need 95k coins worth of items to beat the 50 stages, I guess having a lv 15 Charizard is worth it?
    yeah I picked mine up litterly when it came out which was at midnight went to my local meijers which yep red and blue are both installed which you get not just that and both plates of charizard and blastoise. I got two free download themes of red and blue >.< but yeah it is really hard to fine now all my gamestops are super sold out as well as my other stores like toysrus and bestbuy don't have them either. I think it was limited edition but tbh no one can tell. I got fire emblem plates on it right now its imported from japan because its the japanese version plates for the standard size which that is the anniversary 3ds's fits perfectly since its the second release of standard 3ds. I found the special edition 3ds fates system looked horrible >.< I liked the japanese edition plates better.
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