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  • Hello! ^^ It has been, I'm sorry for disappearing all of a sudden. What's up?
    Exactly. For instance, Charizard is a very cool fighter in Smash but probably won't become very populair if pro's ban it to lower tiers. The word alone is making me a little sick so let's change the subject. But another time, it's bedtime for me. Talk to ya later.
    Sorry not right now. I realized i am a bit too tired. Another time.

    Well, yes it was when Smash 4 was released. But to be honest, i'm not into that whole tier ****. I only used Bowser because he's a cool character, i didn't realize he was so useful until i started using him. When people talk about characters i like or characters i play good with, well, it annoys me. As if the guys who decide what tier a character is in decide who you should choose. Same goes for Pokémon, although i don't play that competitively. It takes too much time and patience to raise a well-balanced team. No, i prefer Smash. Pick a fighter, train and get better. That's pretty much it
    Well personally when i play for the real deal, i prefer Omega stages and no items too. That way, you have less chance of losing by bad luck, stage hazards or stuff like that. So, you wanna play?

    Btw, that pendant on my profile, i won it at a tournament i participated in. The finalists were chosen at random though, so my chances of being in there were very small. I had fun though, Bowser destroyed Greninja + ZS Samus and Sonic.
    I saw you play Smash on a decent level. Same here. Shall we play the game some time?
    Weird lol i never got a notification for this XD but i couldn't get on until the 24th anyways haha and yeah!
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