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  • No, technically Rayquaza is better, it works like Banette, just that it is as useful as Gengar because it works as a really good neutral mega.
    Except it uses 20 speedups, TWENTY! And they say Latias was bad enough already...

    Well, 1-2 new pokemon every week, and 1-2 reruns of past events, I guess they are giving people time to catch up on the main stages, there apparently are 350 of them now...

    EDIT March 23.
    Oh my gosh, look at all this new content, prettier GUI, new title screen, a new game mode, mission cards(from which you can get a lucarionite), a new item that seems to breach the levelcap for on pokemon.
    So excited!!!!
    I'm going to catch Magnemite and move on to the mission cards.(Hey, there's even an objective that encourages Meowth farming, two of them even).
    Hahah, right!

    Tbh, I really didn't. The class I'm taking now really ties up concepts we learned there and yet I don't remember a thing. XD
    Well, you can have a full 80 BP dragon team already at this point, and Rayquaza seems to be the the new Gengar, except it needs a crazy ammount of speedups.

    Well, with so many new stages, they don't offer that many special ones, so I guess that's my cue to finally beat Weezing.
    I think it was a limited edition one tbh I was having a heard time finding one for my boyfriend just because he wanted it for the standard screen size only he was gunna delete the pokemon games and not use the plates but he ended up getting the animal crossing one because of so hard to find. I love the new 3ds which the plates are nice I got both red and blue free already installed in the system which I got a code for free red and blue themes. I picked up my at midnight at meijers thats why I got it no problem.
    Awesome lol and It was pretty good and Yeah haha XD Yeah my day of this semester is in April as well, I know! time flies....
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