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  • your request has been made, please pick up your special userbar at flower paradise graphics, thanks for choosing my shop :)
    pokemon, kingdom hearts, smash brothers....

    i'm not too happy right now, though :(

    I'm worried for my friend. I fear she might be....well....depressed.

    Umn....what kinds of video games do you like?


    Besides pokemon^^ Cute avatar, by the way^^ I love skymin
    Your Typhlosion avatar is awesome^^ Kind of remind's me of the pokemon mini styal for some reason..xD; Umn...friends? :3
    you welcome and yay it is cute i made this animation banner its not so good but now i made a new gif to blend in a banner...i own a artshop you should check it out some time XD its called Flower Paradise Graphics....its not the greatest one i ever made but it does still make shaymin cute XD

    hey there shayminlover XD hows it going...i just made a cute gif today :D shaymin from the movie using seed flare in the movie...
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