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Sheepy Lamby
Last Activity:
Mar 5, 2016
Nov 3, 2013
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Sheepy Lamby

Well-Known Member

Sheepy Lamby was last seen:
Mar 5, 2016
    1. candichan
      No problem. Thanks for friending me. (:
    2. wanderist
      I'm sorry things haven't been going well. I hope things get better for you soon.
      Eh, it hasn't been a great few days, but I'm alive.
    3. PokeHero96
      Damnn, it' just taking each day as it come huh ??
      That is also very true! Although, I love reading the different theories people have for characters or plot lines, some have actually made me look at characters in a completely different light aha!
      Haha, I bet! :D if poetry something you inspire, or is it just a small hobby you like ??
      Wait, 2019 ?????? thats so far, haven't they made us wait long enough >.< well, only 3 years of waiting.... should be fine! aha
      thanks :D it's a bit late but happy valentines day as well ^_^
    4. Veens
      I guess :3 Languages are cool! I speak five. (Six if you count Latin)
      I game lots and watch anime from time to time though :)
    5. Musashi~
      TR is awesome! I guess I should watch this episode. And as you said Jessie Is more beautiful now,I think I should watch this episode :)
    6. Anti luring
      Anti luring
      Yeah. On oldschool Rs they've released tournament worlds meaning that you can change your stats and have access to any items you want. Having clan wars like 90 v 90 is really enjoyable :D
    7. Matthewthemeowth
      Hahaha I didn't see any changes there :D But lucky me the sales tax remains at 8% currently :P Oh sure, I will use a Poke Transporter to send to you :D
      Hey I heard you had the chance to dance with Serena :P I haven't watched that episode though
      What's that!? I am still up to the episode which featured Onbat and Floette :/
      Yeah, and we are going to have a $130M (USD $16.8M) lottery this Saturday! :D I will retire after I get it :P
    8. Koharu_Hinata
      I don't wanna go outside anymore. :(
      It's totally fine. Don't worry about it!
    9. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Follow her own dreams definitely :)
    10. Anti luring
      Anti luring
      hopefully good episode this week
    11. MegaMaster#1
      Aw again :(
      No I was asking you that.
      Thanks,you too.
    12. Matthewthemeowth
      Sorry dude, I traveled to Japan last few days, that's why I didn't reply messages lately :/ Bought some Pokemon stuff XD
      I thought Ash is a dumb rather than a smart guy jk :P Haha it's okay :D
      I don't really know now, I have to start working as the new year holidays are over :'(
    13. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Aw that's too bad.
      Yeah. I love when she does stuff without anyone's help :)
      Thanks you too
    14. wanderist
      I'm sorry for taking so long to reply too. How are you holding up?
    15. Koharu_Hinata
      It's too cold. :(
      No, it's fine.
      Thanks. Have a good one!
    16. Musashi~
      I am glad that you are feeling good :)
      Happy Valentine's to you too! :3
    17. Veens
      Cool! Computer languages are so much easier than normal languages.
      I've been doing very well lately, I finished most of my school projects (except for one, which is due this Tuesday...) and I didn't get injured in over two months :3
      Same to you ^.^
    18. Zephraxe
      I'm sorry to hear that... I hope you get better soon. ^^
      I've been good! This last semester of high school has been super relaxed so far.
      Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! (I have someone to spend it with for once. ;w;)
    19. Zephraxe
      Heyo Sheepy!
    20. Musashi~
      Hey! How are you? :)
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