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  • I'm sorry things haven't been going well. I hope things get better for you soon.
    Eh, it hasn't been a great few days, but I'm alive.
    Damnn, it' just taking each day as it come huh ??
    That is also very true! Although, I love reading the different theories people have for characters or plot lines, some have actually made me look at characters in a completely different light aha!
    Haha, I bet! :D if poetry something you inspire, or is it just a small hobby you like ??
    Wait, 2019 ?????? thats so far, haven't they made us wait long enough >.< well, only 3 years of waiting.... should be fine! aha
    thanks :D it's a bit late but happy valentines day as well ^_^
    I guess :3 Languages are cool! I speak five. (Six if you count Latin)
    I game lots and watch anime from time to time though :)
    TR is awesome! I guess I should watch this episode. And as you said Jessie Is more beautiful now,I think I should watch this episode :)
    Yeah. On oldschool Rs they've released tournament worlds meaning that you can change your stats and have access to any items you want. Having clan wars like 90 v 90 is really enjoyable :D
    Hahaha I didn't see any changes there :D But lucky me the sales tax remains at 8% currently :p Oh sure, I will use a Poke Transporter to send to you :D
    Hey I heard you had the chance to dance with Serena :p I haven't watched that episode though
    What's that!? I am still up to the episode which featured Onbat and Floette :/
    Yeah, and we are going to have a $130M (USD $16.8M) lottery this Saturday! :D I will retire after I get it :p
    Sorry dude, I traveled to Japan last few days, that's why I didn't reply messages lately :/ Bought some Pokemon stuff XD
    I thought Ash is a dumb rather than a smart guy jk :p Haha it's okay :D
    I don't really know now, I have to start working as the new year holidays are over :'(
    Cool! Computer languages are so much easier than normal languages.
    I've been doing very well lately, I finished most of my school projects (except for one, which is due this Tuesday...) and I didn't get injured in over two months :3
    Same to you ^.^
    I'm sorry to hear that... I hope you get better soon. ^^
    I've been good! This last semester of high school has been super relaxed so far.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! (I have someone to spend it with for once. ;w;)
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