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Sheepy Lamby
Last Activity:
Mar 5, 2016
Nov 3, 2013
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Sheepy Lamby

Well-Known Member

Sheepy Lamby was last seen:
Mar 5, 2016
    1. Koharu_Hinata
      I didn't eat that much chocolate. Like, one small bag of M&Ms and that was about it.
      Yeah, I hate that feeling after eating chocolate.
    2. MegaMaster#1
      Yea I know but I'm already booked in so in 1 year time I'm starting college with easy access in a way :).
      Of course it looks like its gonna be the best gym battle ever :D
    3. wanderist
      Yeah. I would guess maybe he could battle the Elite Four or maybe challenge a new league? I don't know. I'm guessing he won't win until the anime comes to an end though. Would be nice if I was wrong though.
      I loved Ash's Bayleef! She's what made me love the Chikorita line so much. I wish Aipom had stayed the way she was though, or at least hadn't changed when evolving.
    4. Koharu_Hinata
      I don't take crap from those kinds of people, they are a waste of my time.
    5. MegaMaster#1
      Yea I am ^_^' I hope I can handle it.
    6. torterra_4_the_win
      Haha awesome! I'd be able to live off of chocolate for months... years even! XD
    7. Koharu_Hinata
      Hey, I don't like phony guys myself.
    8. Koharu_Hinata
      Yeah, I thought so.
    9. Koharu_Hinata
      I'm happy to be as humble as I can.
    10. MegaMaster#1
      I'm going to study Visual Arts,media, film making and animation well there all in one :D
    11. Anti luring
      Anti luring
      FB status of the day: You know she loves you when you constantly send her 200 line paragraphs and she replies with 1 word "laugh faces"
      Gotta love em statuses lol
    12. wanderist
      I thought May and Glaceon should have won, but I love Dawn too, so it worked out fine.
      I would like to see Ash finally win a league, not sure it's gonna happen but it would be awesome. I know right? When Aipom evolved he like stopped acting out and stuff and it saddened me. I was heartbroken when she left though. D:
    13. Teebu
      haha i dooooooo ;P
      pleasure. I use twitter and tumblr mainly to feed my obsessions now xD yeah, doesnt surprise me, people are starting to lose their patience, just dont think romance will ever happen, they dont want to mess with a sure thing
    14. Koharu_Hinata
      Just trying not to be arrogant here and use my opinions as representative of the entire female population. Thank you.
    15. MegaMaster#1
      Awesome!:D well what job are you interested in?
    16. Matthewthemeowth
      No, you will regret if you don't buy one D:( Ah yeah btw, how much is a normal hamburger over there? (Both :D)
      Yeah, it's professor Meowth :D Hahaha we found Ash's weakness :)
      Really? That Dialga or Palkia must be doing something behind us :/
      What? How is Pidgeot going to spend his money? *confused*
      Of course, we had been working hard over a year :/ *Don't ask me what I did*
      Yeah, I forgot about it as well. :/ Happy Easter!
    17. torterra_4_the_win
      Derp XD
      Hmm.... not all the time haha XD I would but I already have enough chocolate!
    18. torterra_4_the_win
      Ahhh yeah of course haha, how silly of me LOL.
      That is actually a really good idea :o
    19. Koharu_Hinata
      I can't speak for every woman, but it does make me better. :) so it's true for me. :)
    20. torterra_4_the_win
      Yeah dude! I've been doing heaps since the end of last year :D If you ever wanna see another Amour art, let me know.
      Happy (belated) Easter to you too mate! :D
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