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  • I'm pretty much the same, and I'm horrible at following routines XD

    Same here, I'd lost interest in the anime during BW, so it was the hype and intrigue surrounding Amour which brought me back into the fandom. Yeah, his Pokémon have some rather interesting personalities and relationships (Keromatsu's friendship with Yayakoma, Luchabull's unique personality), so I wouldn't mind seeing more episodes focused on them.
    True, so very true.
    I know it, but it's just so hard NOW... It would be an unintentional rant to list all the reasons. *sigh*
    I do, too, but it is her own fault... :/
    thanks man. doing so much business work all in one go trutly is the feeling of punishment. #hardwork dedication. I got 9 business units, 3 engineering units, 3 science units to do in this year...goodluck me lol.
    Lololol. I still like my hard copies ^^;
    I don't have it anymore, I returned it to my friend. That was a few years ago, too.
    No problemo :D!
    And haha! you and me both ^.^ aha! that was a joke wasn't it ?? I wouldn't go out on my own, we just watched them from our garden :p and that understandable that you fell asleep after eating a lot xP did you make any revolutions for this year, or do you not do them ??
    Crossing my heart here, haha! And I would if they pranked me so I'd have a meaning to prank them back :3
    I got my purple belt a while ago :) and awesome!! what belt did you get up to ?? and haha! well, I don't blame you, video games are fun :D! what kind of games do you play ??
    Yeah, changing yourself is probably harder than trying to change someone else :/

    It doesn't feel like old-school Pokémon nowadays, which is what gives me hope for Amour XD
    Well, I think with shippers, a lot of it has to do with the fact that we tend to have an inward gaze. We spend a lot of time thinking, which often leads to dark places. Creative types tend to struggle with depression- artists, writers, philosophers- just because they can't stop thinking. I'm like that. I fixate, and not just on shipping. I've mentioned it before, but I tend to get hung up on existential problems and cannot let them go. Worrying about shipping and reality is just one more expression of that. And I think people who focus on video-games enough to join a forum about them might be kind of similar... I mean, a game like Pokemon is a solo activity... And people interested in the show get attached to fictional characters... and those interested in role-playing are into playing out pretend scenarios (not to disparage that; I've enjoyed some Dungeons and Dragons). So, I think in general, people on these kinds of forums tend to be introverts and more prone to social difficulties and over thinking things.
    As for learning to see things from other people's points of view, literature is the most important thing, I think. Fiction, non-fiction, TV, movies, all of those things let you see the world through someone else's eyes. For example, I once read a comment from someone who'd been raised to think gay people were all degenerate, but he changed his mind because of the gay dads on "Modern Family." That show isn't preachy; it tries to show the characters as people with their own dreams and flaws and struggles. Like, they may not be exactly the same as you, but you can at least relate to them, and they're plenty likable. Seeing things from other people's viewpoints may be the most important aspect of the art. That was the general message my class "Developments in the Novel" was centered around, anyway.
    (And you know what? That job is usually done by Machoke)
    Really? My Reshiram is manipulated by Pokemon Control Machine which means my Reshiram has 120% power :D *Laughs even louder*
    Yeah but you can just treat it as a Christmas gift :|
    Ah, only if she would admit she had a poor hairstyle...
    Woah, 5 goals in extra time? What were those defenders playing... Yeah Belgium surely wasn't a strong team, but I am surprised they can even beat France...
    Haha after all I am Professor Zager :D See you anyway
    But what I'm talking about is that sort of spark or chemistry... That can develop after spending a lot of time with someone, too, but I can't be in a relationship with someone who I don't feel that with. It's too awkward. That's why I want to find someone who I feel that way about first, and then get to know them over time... Because I've tried dating guys I didn't feel that way about, hoping something would develop, and it never did. Well, I think the thing is I never had interest in them in the first place. Like, I thought they were cute, but there was no chemistry there. I've learned there's a difference between thinking someone's good looking and actually being attracted to them. Oh, it's not like that, I'm just awkward around guys I'm interested in because I'm nervous. I definitely know about wanting time alone, because I'm like that. My boss is always trying to get us to come out with him, and he bugs us about it, like, what do you have to do, anyway? And it's like, nothing, I just don't feel like going. I may just be knitting and watching anime, but I like doing those things. Eheh, and I'm trying to learn Japanese better with watching anime. It's going well so far; sometimes I'm surprised with how long I'm able to go without reading subtitles. A.Ny.Way. Yeah, the general problem isn't with guys, but with me. Like I keep saying, I'm just not interested in many people. It's not an attitude problem with me; I'm generally cheerful, friendly, and out-going. I get along with people easily, and guys tend to like me. Eheh, that may sound like bragging, but... Well, it's like the mom of a character in one of my favorite anime said: the secret to being beautiful is believing that you have a few admirers. There's more to it than that, of course, but yeah, it definitely helps.
    Hm, platonic love... I guess you could call it that, if you're talking about how Plato originally defined it. Although I'm pretty sure he was talking about men only... Anyway, it was just a strong chemistry, and I admired her a lot and loved being with her.
    Well, yeah, not everyone's opinion about every subject is valid. Yeah, I definitely have noticed that. Oh, the vaccine thing actually started in England. There was this one guy who was a competetor of the big vaccine company over there, and he was trying to discredit them... His research has been discredited, and I think he was actually stripped of his license... But somehow, that turned into this big conspiracy theory about how the government just doesn't want us to know about the dangers, and... This actress named Jenny McCarthy started talking about it, and the whole thing is just ridiculous.
    I don't like Messi that much but I think Ronaldo is pretty cool, even with his ego xD
    Hahaha more romance please! And butt-kicking action.
    you're welcome :p
    lol nah not really, just had dinner at my sisters house and had a few drinks. you?
    good ;)
    yeah i do, true barca players were all playing under him at youth level before he was the coach so most them respected him instantly, i think his record for barca commands some respect though and any players that arent will probably just get sold.
    I just choke too easily in real life.
    Well, I know that people on TV are successful only because they are attention seekers. I'm just stuck in a difficult place right now because I don't know what I'm doing or what I'm supposed to do.
    LOL yeah, that's probably the first and most important step XD

    Nah, she's already pretty sassy, all she needs is some screen time XD
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