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  • just busy with general gym & school stuff. no need to worry like dawn says. i'll be back a day before the date episode.
    I know, it's like nobody reads the rules/OP before posting :/

    Yeah, I think so too. Turning Serena into a tomboy would probably ruin her character.

    Yeah it is haha :/
    I don't really think the professional game can be compared to amateur though, in terms of recognition.
    Oh don't worry dude, that's what I want too.
    I know that the trick is to not give tormenters the reaction that they want.
    Yeah, very.
    I put a lot of pressure on myself because I feel like I'm just not good enough for this world. No, you are not crazy, I'm just a difficult person.
    :3 Yayz!
    It's not that much more money, lol.
    I have 1, 2, and Days. I borrowed DDD from my friend and beat it ;D
    Same goes to you buddy :)
    Yeah! I usually am you know ;)
    I shouldn't have xD
    Yeah same here, they have the team to :/
    Thank you :D! Same goes for you and your family as well!
    No need to apologise :p It's coolio haha!
    Do you mean on new years ?? Yep yep, there was a lot of eating, and a lot of fireworks (we didn't have the fireworks, we just watched them on the count down on TV and outside haha) How about you ??
    Hahaah! I remember I put a pinnate head next to my friend, we took a picture while she was asleep. Just saying, it isn't me who posted it on Facebook haha! it was a man in our Karate class, they are pranksters xD!
    (no worries ^.^ and whoa! thats a long time running! how do they think of new episodes ??)
    *I completely forgot what I was talking about xD*
    Thank you :D! its fun talking to you too!
    Haha then give it your very best. Certainly wouldn't hope you end up driving forklifts :D (But driving forklifts before studying? That is surely a funny thing)
    Hahaha your Charizard is sure too weak for my Reshiram :) *laughing loudly*
    Oh to your surprise, there were only few people (less than 20) grabbing money :O
    Hahaha, good one XD *Jessie angrily: What do you think you are saying??*
    Ah I don't even know such match existed :) But I thought Belgium wasn't good at football in the past?
    *nodded* Agree, agree... :D Yeah she's the most beautiful girl I have seen among various anime :D See you anyway!
    Well, I was playing for two age groups in my club. The age group I was mostly playing in, we were too good and I didn't get much action, and the higher age group were terrible so we lost almost every game by about 3 goals or more. So it kinda just put me off the position. Besides, goalies don't get as much recognition, and I prefer scoring!
    I think it works both ways haha
    Yeah, this is the Pokémon fandom XD

    LOL I'd care XD I think most sensible people were worried about her haircut being a 'letting go of the old and welcoming the new' scenario, with Serena dropping her girly attitude.

    No prob dude. While I'd cringe if they ruined Serena's design (and probably rage really hard), I think it's no reason to give her up as a lost cause, especially if her character's still the same.
    Well they accepted that I was definitely not going to be goalie. But I just trialled on field and they put me in a variety of positions.
    Hahahah Ash will get much respect if he gets Serena.
    LOL yeah, that's what life is all about XD

    Serena's getting a redesign and everyone thinks it'll be ugly. Chaos ensues.
    Haha thanks, you too!
    Best Wishes? Never mention that :D jk Anyway thank you once again. Hope you can have a fruitful year :) (I know you are going to have interviews)
    Now you have done it... Reshiram, Blue Flare!
    And the incident turned out like the citizens picked up over 5M and the police didn't arrest them :D
    Yeah I know Team Plasma are broken up before, but there are some Plasma Grunts who escaped from Officer Jenny :|
    Wow you are an old football fans :D Yeah that time football was much open and exciting than current, but matches often turned out with big results like 4-3, 6-1...
    Oh? Nice saying :D Yeah I paid more attention on her personality (though I also paid attention on her look *blush*) Anyway see you
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