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  • Thanks dude, same to you XD

    LOL no man, all my friends were busy somewhere else this year XD
    I thought everyone likes cupckaes D:
    I like hard copies because I just don't really trust online copies. I always wonder if something were to go wrong with downloading it and all. I like to physically feel my games, disks and all. I also like a lot of boxart. And I have yet to actually break a game, but my Kingdom Hearts disk looks like it's been run over five times yet it still works
    Nah it won't, I've played striker before for ages :p Hahaha I think the situation is different when you're a sweeper moving into the midfield.
    No worries :D
    Hahaha that would be so funny xD
    Ho Ho Ho! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *Gives a free cupcake to you*
    Oh yea, that's nice! I'm a bit of a different person though. I like my hard copies of my games. All my of 3DS games are hard copies except one, and that was a free download. (Well, excluding the applications that can only be purchased on the EShope. I have a few of those). Almost all my PS3 games are hard copies as well. Except for one, since it was only available on the store :p
    I had gotten pretty bored with being a goalkeeper, so I trialled as a striker/midfielder and got selected :D
    Yeah dude I know your mind xD
    I suppose that's a good point, plus they want to advertise customisation from the games.
    Oh no it definitely won't.
    No problems~ :D
    Well, it only has one save file and lololololol. I guess you will have to hunt for it at a local store or the internet ;D
    Thanks dude! although I'm not a goalie anymore
    Same to you my friend :D
    Not what you're thinking! Just relationship stuff, without being in a relationship :/
    I do love Serena, I can't believe they're cutting her hair. All good haha
    I hope so.
    I know I distract myself on negatives too much, but that's what I've done to prevent disappointment.
    You too ;D
    And I hope you have a wonderful new year!
    I really like Conquest personally. It's like Pokemon Fire Emblem. Very different and very fun ;)
    I highly recommend it ;3
    Charmander was my favorite Pokemon until Braviary and Pokemon Conquest. I actually wanted Conquest becausw it had Charmander, Piplup and other Pokemon I like a lot. He's still one of my favs.
    So, I trained a total of 3 Charizards because of it. Charmy, Caroline, and Yukimura.

    Yeeup! I love going on vacation! So relaxing and nice :3
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