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  • Oh yeah, grandparents, I don't know if other people call them nan and pap, but hey xP and haha! Pokehero-ish xP Yeah I agree :)
    Oh awesome :D! It sounds like you had an awesome Christmas :D!! Haha! I'd check their phones if you fell asleep on the couch, they might of put the red wig on you and took some photos, no I'm joking heh :p but, I'm glad it was fun :D!
    Haha! I agree ^_^
    (defiantly, I hope it does too! phaha! yeah xD! but I still hope not, how long has Coronation street been going on for ?? really long I'm guessing)
    *haha! Ahh well xD*
    *looks up and whistles* it's most likely I didn't wait... o_O
    Haha I still find it annoying :p
    That best not include me too! XD
    He does yeah, he has a bit of reason to though xD yeah that's true! He still did a good job though!
    What ever gave you that impression? ;)
    Sorry for the late reply man! I hope you had a very merry Christmas!
    I watch them online. We rarely get anime on our TVs here in the UK. No point really.
    XD. What did you get then? Korrina bed sheets?
    I hope those kids are better off now.

    Well...I believe you XD

    LOL I know, though I'm not sure if I'll go to a party or something. Too much booze :/
    Oh no you won't. Pumpkaboo, Shadow ball! Inkay, Tackle!
    Haha he won't. The bank has bought insurance and the lost money is just paid by insurance company.
    Really? That agency is probably Team Plasma, we Team Rocket won't do such defrauding. :)
    Oh I know nothing about that :| You know, I started watching football since 2003 (or about) And yeah, Di Maria is a great player and unfortunately he is still injured now and hopefully he can play for Man Utd soon :)
    People are discussing this in AmourShipping thread and many other threads, yeah I cannot believe this also :[
    Sorry forgot to reply than holidays

    Yep way different.

    Think Goku and Vegeta

    I don't know really, there's stuff that's happened before that might make it.... awkward?
    Serena is no way 'just makeup'!!!
    I'll admit, in PJs she looked fantastic, but I hate her normal outfit.
    Yeah, I'm an emotional roller coaster. But I also think guys think I'm dumb since they talk to me condescendingly at times.
    I know you are trying to help me be more positive, but I just have a difficult time being positive.
    Oh no dude I think you're confused... I already know her in person, we go to school together. We just talk over Snapchat and have selfie convos hahah xD In fact, the whole situation with this goes back further and yeahhhhh.... too much to talk about.
    Noooo Korrina is not better looking, how dare you! I think her dubbed voice made me look at her even less now :p
    Stuff i wanted is what i didn't get. I'll just have to wait for my 18th birthday to see if their promise they made is going to become true or not.
    Yeah she spammed me with selfies last night but went to bed at 9pm.
    Not even sure if I want a relationship at this time anyway haha xD
    Yes, yes it would :D
    Hahaha don't worry, I won't! xD
    Some teasing, little bit of flirty jokes here and there... perfect recipe :p *high fives back*
    I just mean the short shorts, in good taste haha xD If May wore it then why would it be bad?
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