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  • Yeah I glad you understand, my formula has its glitches and keeps having an end result of friendzoned. That's why I've got to add more flirting :p
    I don't think the miniskirt will change, if it does I vote for the type of thing May wore.
    Oh yes you definitely are :p
    I think I have to square the flirting as the friendliness is putting the equation out of balance....
    Yeah I've seen that, I prefer long hair but I don't really mind.
    thats not entirely true though. but since xmas is the one time of year i ask for anything, why not go for broke and ask for games?
    Lol, he gave me a nice Charamander plushie and some clothes. I was on vacation so I got to get a lot of nice souvenirs as presents.
    Oh wow. One day I want to visit Japan, just one day ;3
    Got it! I've never met one so I dunno! I guess its as annoying as the stereo type of English people in tv and movies :p
    Yeah I agree! Trolls are just as sad though! XD
    I dunno he's won a few in his time! Lol but yeah, bayern are good. They have pep too, the best Barça coach in the last 20 years IMO.
    Haha you're a bad influence ;)
    Haha I suppose, best not to risk it though.
    After years of research I have finally developed the perfect formula to get any girl! *mwahahaha* Haha jk, I'm pretty useless xD
    Ah because you leaked your location to me before :)
    Nah you misunderstood him. He always safeguard the world by taking Pokemon from other trainers. He is just preventing some brat trainers like Sheepy Lamby battling too much. :)
    Yeah and only 5 million was returned, that guy must get sacked soon...
    Nah she is the best actresses after all other actresses are caught by Team Rocket That's good already, don't try to remember him :p
    Yeah and Burruchaga is one of them. But if you compare the current Argentina, even the team is playing around Messi, they still can't win the Cup :|
    And did you heard about Serena cutting her hair short? I just can't believe this :| Anyway see you soon
    Yeah, but then if you do that there's a risk of coming off as clingy :p
    I'm not gonna go so forward so quickly mate! I like to tease them so they're the ones instigating it ;)
    That's been happening a lot recently actually, they say stuff like, "talk to you tomorrow!"
    If it was in person I would have been cuddling her haha :3 It was texting.
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