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  • Yeah I do too now. I feel so sorry for people who are in that sort of situation.
    I pulled an all-nighter talking to a girl last night, does that count? :p
    It's horrible to see parents who don't care about their kids. Yeah, doing a good deed feels nice :D

    Do you really wanna know? XD

    True, though the holidays also mean dealing with annoying people who don't leave any free time for you until it's midnight XD
    Yeah I don't get why they would do something like that if they were already in a relationship. If she didn't enjoy it she should have ended it with him.
    Hahaha try some more flirting you mean
    Those type of girls that make silly mistakes, I send my gratitude.
    Yeah exactly, that can put people in a very bad place. You hear about the people that decide to do.... bad stuff because of it happening to them :'( I've been doing that for about a year and I keep getting friendzoned!!
    I don't have any of accounts on other sites that could that unfortunately.
    What, a video? Good on ya mate!
    I'm so annoyed that hasn't happened yet hahahaha xD I'd just say she looks good, I wouldn't screenshot it and show people, you've gotta respect their privacy. Plus that's illegal, derp.
    Really? Hmm, sounds like it must've been hard.

    LOL sure XD

    I'mma go watch it again when I come back XD
    You seem to know an awful lot about weed XD

    Yeah, it's one of the most awesome things I've ever seen XD
    No prob XD

    I use that word a lot too, almost everybody does XD

    LOL if I ever decide to smoke weed, I'd do it while watching the Gun Kata scenes from Equilibrium XD
    Haha! Yeah, it was a good Christmas :p I had to wait for mum to get home from work before opening my presents, it was a pain to wait because you know, there presents! but I walked up to my nan and paps to visit them while I had free time, it was nice to see them on Christmas day :) hope you had a good one as well :D!! how was it ??
    Whoa really ?? I never new that! And I don't get the aboot thing sorry haha!
    I just looked up red ants, they are kind of freaky looking if I'm honest aha! and oohh, thats where they film I'm a Celebrity get me out of here! (Australia and green ants just reminded me of that program) xD!
    Well, I guess thats a good to hear :D! And cool cool :)
    (I agree, it's a lot to think about! I don't want it to end but I want to see how it ends, thats the only thing about any series, haha! and no probs)
    *I actually forgot why I said that*
    Yeahhhh, I... actually don't remember if I did or not xD! I think I did, I don't know haha!
    *You are welcome!!* (ohhhhhhh, whoops, then don't do that) xD! PHAHA!! That was a funny joke XD!
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