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  • you played pokemon creator bro? Just remembered i use to play that game back when i use to come back from primary school at launch. Those were the elite days :p
    XD Being odd is a good thing..I think!
    And cool!! I'm American so I live with all the American culture and stuff ;3
    Well, that's true, but what I'm saying is that what they develop is mostly just social limitations. I guess that they do learn to see things from other people's perspectives... but a lot of people don't, so in that way, they still don't understand what they're doing. Because if they did, they wouldn't behave that way.
    Ah, I'm glad you thought of her that way; that's what I was going for! No, that's good advice; that's how I'm going to do it. Or how I'm going to try to do it, anyway.
    Oh, and merry Christmas to you, too!
    That's true... Well, I think it can work the other way, too, with romantic interest coming first, and then becoming friends over time. I mean, I could be friends with someone forever, but if I don't feel that way about them, I just don't.
    No, you're not being abrasive. It's just that I feel like putting myself out there isn't really the problem. I just so rarely feel any real interest in someone... Sometimes I'll think a guy is kind of cute, and I'll think about asking him out, but... Usually, I'm not really attracted to him. I've tried dating guys like that so many times before, and it never works. We'll go on a few dates, and I don't want to so much as hold hands. So I don't want to keep dragging him along, and really, nothing is going to change, probably. And I have such a hard time turning people away. Especially after I made that guy cry that time. Aha... It seems like whenever I am attracted to a guy, he's not really interested in me (because I tend to be too obvious and awkward with things like that) or he's already with someone. Hm... I don't think "clingy" is the word, but I'm definitely the type to hang out with one person all the time. Eheh, when I made friends with a girl in college, she thought me and my other friend were dating because we were always together. She quickly figured out that wasn't true, but yeah, that's how I am.
    I don't know, it's just that shipping is so intense for me. At times, so much it hurts, but in a good way. That's what I want to feel for a person... but it's hard to imagine that ever happening for me.
    Oh, well, I tried selling jewelry before on Etsy, but there's so much competition... And with knitting, it just takes so long to complete a project, and the materials are so expensive. So if I'm going to make something, it's gonna be for myself. Besides, it'd be hard to turn a profit on it.
    Well, that's good, at least!
    Yeah, it seems like Latin families have pretty conservative values. Also... there's a lot of focus on responsibility to the family, isn't there? In that way, it's kind of like Japan.
    Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy overall... just stubborn. Oh, I like guys; with my friend, it was a quasi-romantic friendship, for me, anyway, but not physical attraction. I don't know about worship, but our society definitely puts a lot of focus on the individual. Like, everyone is special, and everyone's opinions should be heard, about everything. The problem is, I think, that we want to make everyone feel worthy, which is good, but we still determine worth by skills, intelligence, and looks. So instead of telling people that they matter just by fact of their existence, we tell them that they're good at something, or that everyone's opinion is equal, which is definitely not true. That's how we get things like the anti-vaccination movement.
    Same to you man :D

    LOL that's what I do, though the 'dude' thing doesn't work for some and works too well for others XD

    True, people shouldn't be on the internet when smoking a joint XD
    yes! :p do they actually speak like that? xD
    yeah me too, some arent that strong willed though and take it personally. theres no denying the bullying culture of the internet.
    yeah i agree, not surprising considering the money they have spent though. I think Chelsea & bayern would push them close though.
    damn! its 4 here, about what you would expect.
    good point! xD
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