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  • Haha, I was about to type sorry xD! You can tell I'm British, although I don't really have a posh accent aha!
    No problemo :D! Yeah especially the green ants, their the ones that bite the most right ??
    I love that film, it's been ages since I've seen it, but I've gotten in the mood to watch it :p
    Phhahha! whoops xD! and it is ?? wow haha! and I don't know anything about psychology, much anyway, that was just my imagination speaking aha! and true, I should really start playing the games properly and not just stop and start plaint one!
    (Yeah I agree, I think Ash has a change this League, and about Serena becoming the main character. I actually don't know, she has her own ending and her own focus in the opening.. I'm confused on how it's going to turn out, and Ash is my favourite character so I'd be pretty sad if he left, then again, his been in the show for 17 nearly 18 years now, so maybe their ending the show, or ending Ash's travels with a bang, I'm not sure, and it's not crazy comment) :p
    *thats not actually a bad idea... mwooohahaha! no one shall no*
    *celebrate for saving someones life* haha! no problem (I guess, try putting some ice on your burnt tongue ??) Cool cool, it's a long name, to me it's kind of like a tongue twister xD
    haha! yeah :p oh and by the way, merry christmas eve!
    Nah Raul is one of the legendary Pokemon in region called Earth, the others are Matthewthemeowth (Shiny Meowth) and Kim Jong-un, the most influential and successful leader in the history of Earth (?)
    Well speaking of money, an amazing thing happened in Hong Kong here. Over 15 million money was dropped from a bank's truck on the street. And all of those were picked up by citizens :D
    Really? She always tells me her acting is the best in Kalos :) Yeah you remember the killer Shawcross?
    Only except Maradona I guess... So you must be busy preparing for that :)
    Yeah Merry Christmas! BTW Why behave myself again? :] See you
    Really sorry for the late reply!!
    Ah, it's good they were just joking! and thanks aha!
    Yeah maybe, you might as well draw stick men with extra legs xD! But it could be a challenge if you draw a close up of ants :)
    Ohh! The cartoon one, thats the only one I've watched heh!
    *stares at juicy stake* I actually want some stage now xD! and no, it's fine :p yeah it strange how minds work, I guess it because you in a game in can instantly say "Right! If I can't become a vegetarian, then I'll make up for it and make my character into one!" haha!
    (oh yeah, you make a good point :( I can imagine the next series animation being the same animation as Origins, that would be cool, character development ?? I'm not sure either, kind of worried to)
    I really can't, buuuuut, we do have a nice big pizza in za fridge, waiting to be eaten *stars at fridge hoping mums gets home early from work so we can hurry up and eat it*
    *gasps and get defliberator* (how ever you spell it xD)
    Thats fine :p
    Hopefully, because society makes me head bang.
    I meant "approaching more guys as friends and then choose the most convenient". Yeah, but I'm kinda after one guy in particular right now.
    After all we (Mourinho and Team Rocket) are all cheaters :) But you know what, Mourinho was actually a Rocket Grunt sent by Team Rocket some years ago.
    Nah the equipment is essential in order to keep track of Ash, we didn't waste any money :) *For the sake of Sakaki-sama*
    You are teasing Jessie? She is the greatest actress in the world's history! Yeah sooner or later the team will become like Shawcross :D
    Yeah and even now, Brazil is still entirely depends on Neymar. :O'
    Np, when would you have the job interviews btw? Anyway see you soon and wish you have a very very happy Christmas
    Who goes to the beach at Christmas?? xD
    I miss the cold, snowy days where you sit by a toasty fire and play Pictionary :p
    New Years? I actually have no idea, what about you? :)
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