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  • Yeah yeah, I've been doing heaps of running and working out.
    Ah good for you, good times to be relaxing.
    Oh nothing much, the main thing is FIFA 15, plus a couple of DVDs.
    i dont know :p
    nope, just a grammar Nazi. and i take a particular liking to English English :p
    haha yeah. LMAO! :p yeah well i didnt say it would solve all :p it would certainly help the bullying culture that anonymity over the internet provides.
    as is usually the case when a team gets outclassed.
    no i havent actually, furthest ive been from England is US. and ive been to places like the canary Islands where it's hot but not that humid.im just assuming that's its way worse than here xD
    no, mondays are never happy! :p
    (I just looked it up, and Americans actually do use it. It's just that I never had to take any, so I never heard of it.)
    I can kinda make that stuff.
    yep. but its not long till its gone completely gone. none of my 2012- friends never come online. Private servers are fun tho
    M8, I had to tone down the weapon lethality for the younger audiences. Chill.
    No, and this is NOWHERE near the amount of anime I see my other friends watching. They actually have a counter, which counts all the episodes you've watched and converts into days. Mine currently is about 5.5 days.
    I've got people with over 100 days worth of anime watched. Heck, I've got one with 170.7 days of anime.
    Anime fan, nope. As for being a gamer i played runescape 2007-2013. As off now i aint really any. Although i do play runescape private servers but thats pretty much it tbh.
    Oh noo! aha! Must of been fun walking around with a tea stain on your shirt, maybe that why some people refer shirts as 'tea'-shirts.. bad joke haha
    I don't know a lot about ants, the smart trait is new to me, but I knew they were pretty strong for their size. yeah you know, the film Hercules, it just popped into my head for some reason aha!
    Yeah it is, and I wouldn't mind trying, but I feel bad for saying this, meat tastes so good! but yeah, when you think about the animals, you do get a bit guilty :(
    *ohh, must be just me then, my bad.. sorry about that aha!*
    (aw well, what we gunna do ?? at least they have the XY series we can thank, it's turning out really good so far)
    100% agree with that :D!
    Whoa really ?? I never knew that :O!
    Aha! Just don't get shocked aha! xP
    Oh man that looks so goooood!! *calls for a wizard to get the pizza out of the screen*
    No problem :D! and thank you :p
    Haha you can trust them (us). We offer better service than Nurse Joy :) Just leave any Pokemon to us :)
    Coz we don't even have money for an Apple computer. Oh yeah, those Meowth are also members of Team Rocket. *Soon the world will see the horror of Team Rocket*
    Nah if he didn't come to Man Utd, Team Rocket would give him a lesson. He is forced to join Man Utd. Yeah I can see their passion, Cruz Azul was just the opposite of them.
    Yeah that's true, he can fit his technique, speed and passing in midfield. Germany really shouldn't win World Cup, even Brazil with Neymar and T. Silva is better than them.
    No worry, it will be all fine. :) Anyway you too and ttyl
    (Yeah, Americanized Chinese food is pretty bad and original Chinese food is much better)
    Yep, exactly for those two reasons.
    No problem!
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