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  • I understand that, personality is a big issue, and it's hard to work around my brother most of the time for the same reason. So felt was best for you, and that's good

    I'd love to tell you i am.. LOL
    very true, you can still socialise(the correct spelling :p) behind a keyboard, the problem is people just take advantage of the anonymity and then just troll. People should have to register as themselves to use the internet, that would solve a large majority of the issues too.
    i missed it, i dunno if it was even on tv here xD which is strange, we televise matches from anywhere that has a game on pretty much lol. well more humid than some places, just because of the amount of cloud we get here, it's not humid like Thailand lol. yeah it is a bad one xD
    Haha! It's happened too many times xD!
    Same reason I love all animals really :) I don't really have a favourite :P and ants huh ?? Thats unique! Not in a bad way! they are actually pretty smart as you say, and strong! there should be an ant called Hercules out there! I FREAKING LOVE ELEPHANTS :D!! *breathing* anyways, you are right about elephants, we should do all that stuff :) although I too, am guilty for the vegetarian one hehe.. *and not sure either really, something about having a bad memory ??*
    Oh yeah xD!!
    (yep, it wasn't just Pikachu that got reset, it was also Ash.. :( ahh well, I have to admit, BW was a laugh, although it had so much stuff that was wrong with it)
    Haha! Pizza, chines, Pasta, cakes, and so much other stuff... xP (and it's 5:39 here, maybe I'll just put the oven on aha) agh pepperoni pizza with tomato and cheese, you speaking my language xD!
    Oh okay, thats pretty cool :D! I'm correctly trying to learn Japanese, it is a really hard language to learn though, but I'm kind of getting there.
    Oh my daze haha! Yeah she's not fat, but she would be a bit heavier than Serena so I understand what you mean :p
    *continuously stares at the pizza* That is a very nice present, there only one down side *tries to crab pizza from the screen* I can't eat it xD! aha! no it's fine, thanks for the awesome picture! hang on.... is that your pizza ??
    For being a good friend to talk to :D!
    Really? I love Japanese food though, there's sushi. But by Chinese food, do you mean Americanized Chinese food or Authentic Chinese food, because a lot of Westerners will mistake the Americanized kind for the real deal. And they get shocked when they see real Chinese food and their stomachs are not used to it, which grosses them out. Do you get what I'm saying?
    Well, you learned a lot of useful skills then!
    A yandere, huh? just like me, jk Yeah, I would see how that wouldn't go well.... I think we all have a weird cousin, though....
    Nah, it's cool.
    LOL. Er, yeah, I'm fine man. Ty!
    You must. Or else... *grabs a banana and pokes in your neck*. I'll use this as a weapon.
    Well, I've been reading reviews before I watch the anime. So far, the majority of anime I've come across I can't say I hate. They've all been decent. ;P
    yes i am :p. & and im great. This weekend i'll be going northern island to see how my little cousins are doing. And cheers for accepting
    Alright, let me corrcet this: a bad trainer :D Thanks dude, the same to you :)
    No, we are just unfortunate in every time, you know, each time we are very close to catch Pikachu and then get blasted off, this is thanks to Jessie's poor planning. I did pretty right on most of the times :) Yeah I am a talking Meowth and also a Meowth that can use computer :)
    Yeah but that won't last long until Man Utd signs Cristiano Ronaldo *Hahahaha...* You know what? the NZ team is semi-professional but managed to win a professional reputable club. Just amazing
    Perhaps Di Maria? I don't know, actually Argentina should have won the World Cup. they've got the most powerful players but still bad luck :|
    Wow that's an awesome taste :O Why scary though? Anyway see ya and have a nice day
    Haha! Yeah xD *misses mouth while drinking the tea*
    Very nice book :D!
    Haha! I love tigers!! And no no, I said I'm not very good at drawing from my head aha! I usually need a guid line or something to help me get the shape right, then I'll go from there ehe! *high five for the bad memory*
    *imagining* puuuuuuuuuuuuuuurfect haha!
    I don't think they'll downgrade Ash, not in this series *touch wood* I mean, I think the XY series has got a more smarter and mature Ash, who really good with battle strategies etc.. I don't think they'll make his skills and maturity go down just for this battle :) I hope not anyways aha!
    Noooo! stop, I need pizza, it's a must sjfsljfl! and aren't you making yourself hungry by saying all that ??
    Oh boy oh boy! Thats sweet of him to say :D! I can't wait for the subs to come for this episode :D!! And do you know Japanese ?? :O
    Phaha! Yeah xD!! And it was very fast! dammn! races do sound like fun though :D! apart from the whole falling of experiences, it sounds fun :D
    Because I love freedom, and I don't want to stay with a brat trainer like you :) jk
    Hahaha you forgot I am Nyagotiator in BW :) You know, I am very unique :D
    I see, that's alright, the match in fact is poor :) Yeah and San Lorenzo proved us rugby can't win football :p
    Kun is too flamboyant, I prefer a Tevez also :) And that Higuain, he scored many goals during weak opponents in Serie A
    Yeah so you are now happy with them? Anyway see you
    Hey, other races say that we tend to greet guests with a lot of food.
    I would hope that she likes it!
    Really? That sucks. What happened if you don't mind telling me?
    Well, I think even maliciousness is innocent, like a child hitting another child over a toy. Our perception changes over time because we develop more of a moral sense... but how much of that is really understanding, and how much is just social pressure? We believe children can't be bad because they don't know any better, but I don't think it's really different for adults. Thanks, though!
    Oh, thanks! I really appreciate it! So glad you liked Fuuka; some reviews said they didn't get a very good sense for her characters. I guess writing in the body language really helped. Eheheh, Satsumi has a long way to go yet... actually, all the characters do.
    Eh, I'm ok, same old, same old. How are you?
    Oh, I see. Well, I hear there's a lot about how influential this idea of "machismo" is in Latin culture...
    That's true... and I think a lot of it has to do with immaturity. People really have trouble seeing what their own problems are sometimes. My boss always wants to talk about his opinions but doesn't want to hear about anyone else's, and then he gets irritated with us for being argumentative when we don't agree with him. It's super-annoying.
    Well, for me, I worry there's something wrong with me because I never fall for anyone. ...Unless we're talking about fictional characters. That's the really frustrating part. It's different, and I worry that the part that's different is what allows me to feel that way about them... and it's not enough. I worry that I'm just incapable of falling for anyone real. It doesn't have to do with standards or expectations or anything, just the feeling of being strongly drawn to someone, feeling giddy and high around them at first, just loving their personality and wanting to be around them all the time. I mean, I agree that those aren't the most substantial parts of a relationship, but I do think they're important... because otherwise, you're just friends, right? What I want is to be just crazy in love with someone, and I worry a lot that it's just not possible for me, that my brain just isn't wired for it, or something. The hard thing about shipping is, I've probably mentioned this to you before, is that it's like having it, because I get that emotional high that I want, and that deep attachment... but at the same time, I don't have it, and it's really lonely. I agree that it's better not to go out with someone just so I'm not alone, though. I can't be with someone I'm not attracted to, it's just too awkward. Problem is that I'm just not attracted to very many people.
    Oh, it's for me. I only knit clothes for myself.
    Haha she won't know it if you decide not to tell her :) Yeah sure, but let me warn you: never attempts to catch me :D
    Hey, have you ever seen a Meowth that knows how to make coffee?
    Yeah, BTW Real Madrid did won the match, I am quite tired now after watching the match during midnight. (And it is quite a boring match)
    Haha there are always players like that, and they usually end up with top goalscorer award :) Yeah I don't know why Argentina didn't call up Tevez...
    Oh I see, so you wake up really early :O
    Well, don't worry about because I love talking about food too! Guess is kind of an Asian thing when you think about though, we are known for thinking about food a lot. I actually don't know what my favorite restaurant is, too many to list. But I gotta say, I really enjoy Chipotle!
    That's ok, no one is psychic.
    My parents always have to sit with her and treat her like a 3 year old to get her work done, like yelling at her and everything, and she just makes excuses to not do her work, which of course makes them yell at her more, and I am sitting in my room alone so it'll be the same situation as now! T^T
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