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  • True.
    (wait what? WHAT?!!!
    Jeez, I wrote that 'no I didn't' for no reason. Heck, I didn't even remember me typing that)

    XD. Well, don't worry. Not planning too. *faces towards ground*
    No seriously, it's too... (fill blank here) for me to consider watching.

    In the mean time. ALDNOAH ZERO SEASON 2 HYPE!!!!!
    Well, science IS my favorite subject, so...
    In a way, yes, but also not because I still have a sister to deal with.
    My own things, and ways I see the company moving, cause I think it's important we get an online sale thing going and since a lot of the workers have been there since I've been 2 they still see me as such.

    How did that go over with your dad if I can ask

    I see what you mean. I agree too. But then again, there were many rants at some times though.
    No problem man!

    Yeah, what's up man?
    (and no, I didn't xD)

    Now, one of my friends recommended me to watch High School DXD. I watched some parts of episode 1...
    *Hahah! Lets just say we're equal clumsy then* I'm level 200 mwoohaha
    OH MAN! I love Pegasus! I loved reading the books, even though I don't read often, them books I could read over and over! Pegasus and The Flame all of them :D! And any kind really, my recent drawing of an animal was a tiger, that was pretty fun to draw :p although I'm not too good with drawing from my head, I need a guideline aha!
    YESS!! exactly :D!!! description of the perfect place right there ^_^
    Haha! *takes star* thanks xP I just waiting for them to bump into each other, Alan has already herd of Ash by that girl who following him, so they must be linked some how, it only a matter of waiting fjbdkjhkgkdh!
    No problemo :D (yeahh, I'm always hungry, but the talk of pizza or pasta just increases the hunger haha)
    Oh my daze do you know ?? Yes please!! What did he say ??
    Yeahh, I'm glad it turned out good, I'm also glad Serena won the race :D!
    Huh? I thought you are in Kalos already? Oh I should send you real gifts then :) *Hey James, send him some master balls*
    Yeah I will be watching that later, it starts 3 am here. *Better go and buy some coffee*
    Yeah he always talk nonsense like Wenger is a specialist in failure (though I to a certain extent agree :p). But yeah I admit he is brilliant in leading a club
    There definitely had some errors in Higuain's program, better have him for a program check. :)
    Hey are you alright? It should be midnight already in your place?
    Alright, you address again? *whispering* Looks like I should send Sheepy Lamby something horrible */whispering*
    Yeah definitely. Messi has become almost the head of Barca. But in Real Madrid, players get on well each other and they listened to what their manager says, that's why Real Madrid has got already 21 straight wins.
    BTW I hate Mourinho also, he is just too annoying :S
    Yeah dude, but weren't they first runner-up in World Cup? :S
    Nah that's just typo, I didn't forgot what my teacher Meowth taught me! *self-assured* Lol see ya and have a nice weekend also
    *I can be xD! but thanks aha*
    I've never thought about mixing them with fantasy, thats pretty cool! but yeah, I mostly draw normal animals, but now I want to try mixing with fantasy, seems like a lot of fun :D! I just looked up Picasso Art, its pretty awesome, your not crazy for liking that! I know what you mean with the landscapes, although I like were I live now, I would love to live in the country side or something, it'd be really nice!!
    OH MY DAZE!! CHARIZARD! right? but still, I'd love for charizard to return! Then mega evolve! Then face of against Alan's Mega evolved charizard so it's would be a battle against Mega X and Y charizard's dngdjg!!!
    Haha! Awesome! I'll keep that in mind, you give really good advice :D! (and it is like saying no to a delicious crunchy pizz- I'm gonna stop there, other wise I'll get hungry again) xD!
    Yeah! Defiantly :D!! And I guess we did get some minor hints, Ash said something to Serena which made her blush (can't wait to find out what he said) plus I know it's not a hint, but it was funny when Serena covered Ash's mouth up when he was about to say that she wanted to be a Pokemon performer xD! And there was Ash asking if Serena was okay a lot through out the episode, so his noticing when she's feeling a bit off :p
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