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  • I eat a little of both :)
    I have no problem with junk food.
    But it's 4:30 a.m. soooo.... Eating it now is kind of strange xD
    I want some eggs now
    I can read the manga within a month and a half :)
    But I need breaks with the anime.

    So weird. Especially Swampert.
    Ah, but I do like Diancie and Absol's evolutions.

    I had a crush on him when I was in middle school T-T
    Maybe I will continue it.
    I'll pick it up after One Piece.

    Alpha Sapphire is good.
    I don't like the mega-evolutions though.
    And Tabitha... I had a glimpse, wow.. He sure put on a lot of weight.
    I started watching the English sub of XY, but I haven't watched it in a while xD
    I like both anime and games. Tbh, I haven't played a pokemon game since 4th generation.

    Ah, but I did buy a 3ds last week! I also got Alpha Sapphire.
    Hahaha, I wish you to wish me so to wish you..... to give me a great present :) (Ah, I am so confused)
    Yeah it's only Messi in Barcelona. That's why it can hardly compete with Real Madrid in Liga BBVA.
    If it's men, I support Argentina also. As there are my favourite players like Lavezzi, Di Maria and Rojo.
    You have pretended to be a human for long time so you probably forgot about what your mother sheep taught you. :) jk
    Oh there's so typo... It should be Nyarrr only. Anyway see you soon
    I've thought about it, but if I did wouldn't be till way far down the line

    Good luck man. It has 148 episodes. XD
    Yeah, I heard. Apparently for spams and those stuff, damn.. those 1000 pages.
    Still, at least it's revived on another website which I've joined some hours ago.
    Anyway, good night!
    Read it as you think that's how it should be

    And yeah, sadly to many people think if they are like me in this aspect they'll be like me in this one a swell to.

    thats a bold claim ;)
    yep, it's governed in the wrong way to, breaking peoples privacy is not the way to do it. 90% of hacking would disappear over night if everyone was treated equally on it. ah the digital age.. xD
    so it was more like aqua football than regular? :p lol same, except the storm, it's not cold enough for that. Though still colder than id like it to be xD
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