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  • Oh my..that's odd..
    I guess its not as odd as Japanese people getting underwear from vending machines,,
    Same female lead with new female lead and no male 3rd wheel character. Also a female Paul like rival.
    No Problem.
    I'm not really sure what'll happen at the end of xy tbh, she could end up staying xD
    BTW do you want to join this crappy forum I made last year?
    Why can't we just create a new one but this time cut back on all the off topic posts and the one liners?
    Well, to be fair, it was getting spammed. A lot of people went off topic constantly and I know the mods always frown when someone posts a liner. It sucks but if that kept happening, it was only a matter of time before it happened. I really should not have been surprised.
    Well, I'm alright. I'm gone for a while and when I come back on, I find out the Amourshipping thread has been closed. WTF?! What happened?
    Eh? I skipped because I couldn't be bothered. LOL
    Eh... 2011. It's a remake of one that happened some years ago, it's going great so far though!
    How are you?
    I got lucky tbh! Don't give up though. You'll get there :)!
    When you've got the car. Join us in the Pokemon games haha xD
    "My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake." -by me
    Yeah actually don't you think that Neymar has become far better than that when playing in Brazil?
    You mean the women cup? I actually support England no matter what competition it is :D
    Really dude? I am not sure... Though you are actually a sheep and that should be your mother language Let me say goodbye to you:
    Nyarrr Nyarr Nyarrrrrr Nyyyarrrrrrr (which means see you soon in Meowthish)
    *You don't need to say sorry, my hand does for being clumsy xD! even though it can't so scratch that aha*
    Oh yeah, I'll keep that in mind :p And hehe.. That obvious I like to draw Pokemon huh ?? I also like to draw animals, or other random cartoony stuff aha! Do you like drawing ??
    It defiantly wouldn't be the same with a Raichu (although it would be funny if it kept trying to dump onto Ash should and he just ends up using body slam on him aha! kind of like Bayleaf :O! Ahh memories! I agree, it's pretty awesome, and fast pastes, but I agree, I think Ash could win this league! I really hoping he does, I want to see everyones reactions haha! And plus if Ash does get a mega stone, what Pokemon do you think he'll mega evolve ??
    Okies, thats good to hear. Feels good to hear it from another person, I'm glad I'm not really being selfish about it, I try and say no in a way to not hurt them, but yeah, I don't know aha!
    I agree with that :)
    (cool cool) :D
    Yep good old Utah. I think you should look at the person and what they stand for and not what party and, what background they have

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