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  • ya but most people dont understand economics 101; EVERYTHING has a cost. ya the kind of work goes by faster than fast food. i studied accounting/business in college.
    If this is all because you find me boring, then I certainly don't mean to seem boring. I notice you seem more into the anime than the games, and I had watched the Diancie movie last Monday, so it's not like we couldn't discuss that (unless you found the Diancie movie to be boring). And it's not like I don't know squat about the anime, because I've watched most of the Hoenn and Battle Frontier sagas. If this isn't the case, then I'd honestly like to know what is the case.
    They don't speak what we call "English".
    She is a dreamer? I know she got her head in the clouds, but how is she a dreamer?
    I don't understand politicians at all.
    Positive attitude, huh? I guess it's good that I'm getting one. And this is actually TopGengar/Emily, not her clone.
    Again, I'm honestly sorry about whatever I did to deserve this, because I honestly never meant to offend you in any way. So can you please just tell me what I've done to deserve this, so I can finally be at peace with all of this.
    I am honestly sorry if I've offended you in any way, because I never meant to hurt you in any way. So can you please tell me what I've done to deserve this. Again, I've never meant to offend you in any way.
    yeah. despite what people say about utilites being strict with their services, electric companies are actually pretty flexible ive found, but the more you try to screw them over, the less options you get, and ultimately you'll have to pay eventually, though we're not allowed to say that on the phone. yeah in this line of work it'll pass quickly, likely cause unlike fast food, i wasnt juggling that whie also going to college. im actually surprised its been 5 months already.
    oh trust me, we send out reminders (we have to) so people make sure they know when they have to pay by, but of course people will try to lie saying they were shutoff without notice even though we have to give some kind of notice (which is noted on the acct when the notice was sent, and if for some reason it came back as returned we would stop the shutoff) but whatever. even so i'd probably have to be there for awhile before that could happen; again only been there 5 months.
    well when calling in to see about the electric bill theyre told before speaking with us calls may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance. ive had people try to intimidate me or my coworkers by saying theyre recording the call and will put it on youtube to show how evil we are when really all theyd do is embarrass themselves or that they'll get an attorney (which if you can afford a lawyer you can afford your electric bill) or that they'll take this to the media (who dont do their job anyway). they also try to get sympathy out of us by saying they have kids (which if you really care about your kids, you'll find some way to make sure theyre taken care of) or that they've been a "loyal customer" for 30+ years (fyi you cant be loyal to a utility and even if you could it wouldnt matter). ya but to be an IT guy for a place like this, you pretty much need a degree in computers, since you have to know how to set up computers and phones and know what to do if something goes wrong or someones having an issue with their computer/phone.
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