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  • Ohhhhh okay, derp :p Yeah executives these days, so grumpy.
    Well it is going to help you get a good career.
    Haha I can be pretty talkative, but when it comes to starting conversations and oral speeches in person, I tend to flop.
    Yeah I do sleep mate! I go to sleep at around...... 11.30 haha. That gives me about 7 and a half hours of sleep :p
    I am pretty sad when it comes to my life...... but like I care! And you're on here a lot too, so don't judge xD
    I don't have any talent, though... I can't dance, or tell jokes, or anything like that! I'm too introverted...
    I usually draw, and oddly find a tendency to want to draw blood and stuff(not like gorey, just bloody, like a battle or something). Playing fighting games also helps.
    I may or may not change my team, depending on the stats of the new Mega Evolutions and what move tutors are available. And of course I'm excited, especially with Mega Sceptile being part Dragon!
    I don't usually go, unless I have to. My Grandparents pick us(me, my sister, and two cousins) up from school, so they take her to class and usually I go with my mom to get her on the way home.
    You didn't, it's my life that makes me feel this way... I wish I knew why, though.
    I love reading! Idk why, I just love it. I like most kinds of books, especially action/adventure. :3
    My sister + schoolwork(unless summer, then my only work is reading and a project, not so hard)
    Well, yeah, but like... I don't laugh a lot and I'm not funny, like my sister who is always making people laugh. Idc, tho, cuz I'm just not like her.
    I don't want to do something I don't like just for attention, tho... :(
    I can't do that, and besides I don't care. I'd honestly rather stay home and read a book(no video games on weekdays).
    Meh, good as I usually do, I guess.
    Every day of my life is stressful, even if it's summer. >_> Don't feel bad, I'm a naturally serious person. B)
    I should be better prepared next year. I think my only flaw this year was not running a Lum Berry on Garchomp, because I was so afraid of running into Mega Manectric.
    They way I see it, RNG abuse does give you quite an advantage. It's not easy to learn, but it's necessary if you want perfect Pokémon with transfer only moves.
    Definitely not going to be that smart, lol!! :p
    lol, thanks!! You're so nice :')
    Just been crazy busy with school and I've been so tired to come on here. I've still gotta catch up on here!! lol
    Wish summer was still here!!
    Most people I see complaining are usually people complaining against the Kalos native rule. I'm not really complaining, since I don't know how to RNG abuse. I do have a couple of RNG abused shinies though, including a shiny Gardevoir with Hyper Voice.
    Thanks! I'm on my 3rd of secondary school atm, which is now classed as a 'GCSE year' (GCSE, UK academic exams), thanks for the luck too, I'll need it! :)
    Well, I play in central midfielder or sometimes attacking midfielder. I love playing through balls and long passes as well.
    Do you have favourite team(s) or player(s)?
    The way I see it is, if you want a Pokémon from a past Gen game with great IVs, you'd need to RNG abuse that Pokémon. But RNG abuse isn't exactly easy to learn. And even if you could breed a Pokémon with great IVs in Gen 6, they won't have any transfer only moves. So if you don't know how to RNG abuse (like me), then your choices would become either to use a Pokémon with crap IVs and transfer only moves, or use a Pokémon with great IVs and no transfer only moves. The Kalos native rule puts everyone on an even playing field by weeding out transferred Pokémon, so it doesn't matter if you know how to RNG abuse or not.
    I think my best was 57th place in this year's nationals.
    Prior to Gen 6, I wasn't actually all that capable of playing on par with the really good players, because you'd need to know how to RNG abuse to get Pokémon with perfect IVs in all the necessary stats. But with the Kalos native rule in VGC 2014 and the updated breeding mechanics in Gen 6, I'm pretty much able to compete on the same level as all the other good players.
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