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  • Oh, of course I am! Hoenn is probably my favorite region of all, and new Megas are always welcome.
    Plus, you'll probably have to have ORAS if you want to participate in VGC 2015.
    Ah, I haven't really watched the anime since around the beginning of the DP arc. Ever since I started missing too many episodes, I kinda quit watching.
    Not all of them are active these days, but I believe most of them still are.
    Well, Pokémon should be obvious, lol. I also play a wide assortment of Nintendo games, although I've never really taken any interest in the Legend of Zelda series.
    We don't do things together, but I have almost no time to do other activities because of school and my family's schedule.
    I know it's not her fault, but that doesn't change how things are. Just saying...
    It's ok, I understand. :) Thanks.
    in general, 10 yo girls are treated like girls and 13 y.o. like teenagers
    the situation will change soon after she gets older.
    some advice: do a separate activity if u feel upset do do things with her, 2nd: enjoy being 13, you know what? you have more freedom than her now
    and... remember it's not her fault, unless she has a hostile attitude toward u...
    hey! I'm not used 2 b serious like this but I'm just trying 2 help u :)
    Because they know she does dance there, nothing more than that, really. She's a good dancer, but really(not being mean, trust me), she's not good at anything else(like, not good enough to be seriously noticed, y'know).
    She's 10 and I'm 13.
    I'm not like that, my parents give me plenty of attention, but other people(mostly from the dance gym) notice her more than me.
    No, it's just... RANT ALERT
    She's younger than me, but she gets all the attention! Sh does dance and procrastinates on her homework, and just acts like someone who is attention-deprived, when the opposite is true! It makes me so jealous and invisible-feeling... ;~;
    Hey! I actually missed your last VM. :p
    Depends on the subject, but generally I do decently on quizzes.
    Not entirely school, but partially yes.
    Haha cool :)
    I train tonight, tomorrow.... probably do some of my assignments. It's been ages since I played a video game, so I might find some time to play CoD haha xD
    Yeah, I started back secondary school last week (I think you call them 'High School' in US/Canada) and it's going to be a pain, exams, blah blah blah.

    Anyway, I wish you luck in your semester and see you back on the forums! :D
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