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  • Not bad, thanks for asking! Same with you?
    Also thanks for accepting my FR, it's nice to have my first friend here! :D
    Haha it's all good, I put up with it :p
    I do actually don't I? I never really realised haha.
    I'm only on here and deviantART, I was never going to get either in the first place, but Amour gets to ya
    Yeah exactly haha. We can't be getting too many hints though.
    I normally go to bed around 11.30 - 12.00.
    I have to get up at 7am usually, but I have a choice if I want to go on Wednesday or not :p
    Yeah I talk to people way more than I do post haha.
    Exatly, asuna has stopped posting as well. I think he became too realistic. PK didn't post much anyway, he was more the go-to guy for latest episode pics and previews.
    It's 11.17 but I've got the day off, good old Wednesday
    Yep, even if Neymar had have played they still would have been beaten comfortably.
    Yeah yeah, plus they beat Germany 4-2 only a couple of days ago.
    No it doesn't haha
    Haha hopefully!
    Yeah they don't seem to grasp the concept well enough, they're starting to improve though, bit by bit.
    Haha yes they do. Most of them win, remember Brazil in the semis? xD
    Yeah yeah, I would probably do it as a last resort.
    Nah no parking the bus for us, I think.
    Yeah it can lead to Physical Education, Sports Science or Physiotherapy. I want to be a PE teacher so I will most likely get a Masters in Teaching afterwards :)
    Hahaha Canada in soccer is like Afghanistan in beach volleyball, no offense :p
    Hmmm...... it's funny but it's also not fair.
    I actually thought of doing that, but then I remembered we only have one game left and if we get just one point we'll get promoted.
    Yeah yeah, exactly.
    I used to be a striker, but then I sort of found out I was good at goalie, and everyone pressured me into sticking with it. I'm pretty fast, good dribble and accurate shot.
    Hahaha that would be so funny LOL.
    A Bschelor's in Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Studies) :)
    I'm going to Uni in two years haha.
    Oh yeah? I've never heard that before. TBH, I'm so bored of being the goalie, I prefer scoring the goals! Plus there's a lot of stress put on you. Example, you make a mistake and it costs you a goal, everyone remembers. Do something good, it's only remembered for a couple of minutes. With other players though, make a mistake (like missing a shot) and it's only remembered for a couple of minutes, and do something good like score and everyone remembers. They are complete opposites.
    Yes, sir! I will try my best to make more friends!
    BTW I have the feeling that the little boy in Kindergarten episode (can't recall his name) and Eureka will become the main characters if Satoshi retires.
    I agree BW series is boring but I never lost interest in Pokemon.
    Haha don't mention it. I've heard nothing but stressful things about college/Uni. Now I'm not looking forward to going haha

    Yeah I am! You got that from my bio right? Why do you ask?
    Yup, you are my first friend here.
    You are a very old pokefan instead, I forget which year since I watch Pokemon but I think it is around 2003.
    I have some quizzes tomorrow, so I won't have much hw tomorrow either. :D
    I wouldn't mind helping, actually, if you need help. ;)
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