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  • Ash is the cheese, Serena is the pineapple.
    Cheese can be dry sometimes, and can soak up a lot, while pineapple is fruity, sweet and looks good.
    Plus I just really like cheese and pineapple :p Glad the comment made your day.
    Which, unfortunately, is almost ever because you can't choose your group. ;-;
    Honestly, idk why I just do. :p Maybe cuz I'm finicky and picky irl? Idk.. :T
    Yeah, I know, and I hate essays. ;~; I also hate working in groups because I feel pressured to do something. :S
    I try, but it's not always easy. *sigh*
    Yeah, I did. :p
    College is the same nonsense, writing essays takes a lot of time. And the other point is my silly teachers want me to group with lazy people for assignments :s
    That's why I tell ya! Enjoy school while you can. :)
    BTW... did you finish your homework? Lol
    Hehe yeah, I would like to meet them all in real life someday, y'know? It'd be pretty cool. B)
    Ahh I see, no worries, I'm in my fourth week of 8th grade, but I can still say I know that stressing feeling. :T
    Hehe, yeah, irl I'm the shy/quiet/supportive type. :p It means more than you think that you mentioned you like it, thanks again. ^^
    No problem, I love making new friends! ^^ I'm good, thank you. Yourself?
    Oh, well, thank you! :) May I ask, any particular parts of it?
    Yeah I am.

    Yeah it took me a while to get used to the visitor messages at first because a few years ago I was using other forum sites where you had to respond on your own profile.
    In 2012 I got my G1 drivers license for passing the written test. I haven't taken the road test for G2 yet because I don't have a car yet.

    Also pretty much everyone replies to Visitor Messages on the other user's page. That way they get a notification. It's much easier for conversations.
    Don't worry. You don't have to apologize for replying late, I'm not your teacher. LOL.
    I am fine, thanks for asking. Just a little tired because I am a late bird, waking up at 6 am to go to study doesn't go with me.
    Lucky you! No homew... (sorry but I don't like that word, lol)
    Wow, you want to be a vet, businesswoman and actress? All the options sound interesting. Take your time and choose the right one.
    Hey! Don't get the habit to go to bed at 1 am (like me) raccoon eyes don't look nice (like mine sometimes) lol!
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