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  • I'm sorry I'm replying late again!! :p School has just been busy lol!
    I'm doing pretty great, what about you??
    Yeah, lol. I've got on more year left in high school next year!! :)
    I'm actually want to go into the same field of studies as you... kind of! I plan on majoring in Animal vet. and minoring in Business Management and maybe film!
    lol, It's becoming a habit to come on at like 1 am. Butttt since I have no homework today, I can catch up now on a much more decent time hahaha!!
    Good for you dude! considering commuting in this city is horrible.
    I wanna get the G1 but car insurance is expensive!
    Ha that would be impractical because I have a job in my neighborhood.. if I'm doing any moving it's either out of the city or the province entirely.
    I agree, politicians are all the same after all.
    Hey! Do you wanna trade homes? My neighbourhood is cool, especially after 9 pm.
    When I have to go out at night I wish I had a real pokemon to take care of me :S
    I don't particularly like any of the choices running for mayor either, but from what I've seen, I guess Olivia Chow will do the least damage so I'll probably vote for her. Or nobody. Anyway you probably don't want to talk about them since I'm sure the media talks about them enough for everyone to be sick of it.

    I don't have the money to move out of the city yet but I probably will in a few more years ><

    East York. Close to downtown but not quite.
    np thanks for accepting.

    Toronto. You might have heard the place mentioned often in the last 16 months because the mayor is a crack addict.
    Hey, no! You weren't interrupting!! No worries even if you did! :)
    I just logged in when I got your message! I'm going to try to be more active on here as much as possible when I have the time :)
    Yeah, I kind of noticed because of the lack of hints, but we did just get a lot of interaction between the two last episode..
    lol. I know what you mean! Before school even started I was stressed, too! :p
    You're in college? What are you studying?? :)
    (Sorry for my replies are at like 1 in the morning.. when I can't sleep, I come on here lol)
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