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  • That's true.
    Lack of empathy, it is a very unfortunate phenomenon. People just don't seem to care enough to be a hero.
    They all say the same thing, "we just have too many applicants to admit you even though you qualify". So I don't know why since they won't tell me. I still have a difficult time trying to talk to boys...
    Sure. :)
    Working that late at night? That sucks.
    Wow, I'm glad that you helped her out though. Based on what you said about people running away, it looked like the bystander effect was kicking in. And you never know, could have been another Kitty Genovese incident.
    Yeah, I'm almost done with my hospital hours. Still trying to decide what college to go to, but I'm kinda upset that a lot of the ones I really wanted to go to rejected me. My heart is complicated....
    Haha, no worries, I had no idea what a theory was either until it was explained to me.
    Yeah so do I, I mean, he beat a mega Lucario!.. Oh yeah he face against Clembot did didn't he ?? I forgot about that fact. Since Shota faceD Clemont himself, I'm guessing Tierno went to the gym while Clemont was still with Ash *face palm* I stated the obvious there aha!... Whoa! That'd be great if Shota was the next Ash! I actually wouldn't mind that, he seems like an interesting character :D!
    dfhkjdhfkh! Ash being an actual mentor, as in not just giving small advice, like actually having a student! Please say thats going to happen between them, I hope so!
    Holy cheeseballs! what? It's wired seeing James cuddling a pregnant Jessie aha! Thanks for the link! I'll look up on that some more now!
    WOO!! You like Attack on Titan ?? Thats wicked :D! So I'm guessing, you also like ones with a good story line as well ??... If you like dark and comedy, I would suggest you watch 'Blue Exorcist' if you haven't seen it :p... *scratches head* hehe, it's that obvious huh ??
    oh my daze!! thats pretty scary :O good job with standing up to her! what a jerk, was she okay afterwards ?? and where you, you didn't get hurt did you ??.. oh so you used some martial arts ?? *acts like Master Shifu* "the power of martial arts is a powerful thing" yada yada aha!
    I've been good thanks :D! I'm hopefully going to Canada with my mum to visit some friends who moved there a few years ago. But before that, it's eating chocolate for easter :p I'm hoping to bake some easter cakes with a friend, them custard sponge ones *homer impression* should be interesting aha! do you have any plans for summer and easter ??
    Hey it's been along time!! well it feels like it has, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back in a while, I'm back though! I've been missing chatting on here aha!
    Kind of confused on what we were talking about since it's been awhile :( but lets start fresh!
    Are you excited about Ash and Clemont's Gym battle thats coming soon :D! we all know how it's going to turn out, but I'm curious about Clemont's secret techniques he has in store for Ash!
    And you mentioned Aria seeing Serena's potential and thats why she befriended her, I agree :D! Theres most likely going to be an episode where Serena faces off against Aria in a performance, well I hope they will, how do you think that will turn out ??
    About your comment on rivals, I think Tierno is going to be Ash's rival, it's been confirmed that he is collecting badges and that his defeated Clemont's gym already. PLUS!!!!!!! that Shota boy has finally made an appearance!!!! What was your reaction to that, I got really excited, I can't wait for him and Ash to meet :D
    Oh, theory isn't for acting, it's just a test you have to take before you take your driving test. Just so it proves that you know the road signs etc.. witch I'm not sure why they don't ask you that stuff while your taking your driving test :S
    About Ash being mature, sure it's a good thing, but maybe if they kept the trait of him 'speaking his mind' that would be good aha!
    Orignal Japanese comics ?? humm, I don't think I've seen them, are you talking about Jessie and James were expecting a baby ?????? was that going to be put into the anime ?? :O... I'm scared to ask how Meowth was going to take revenge on Giovanni's Persian aha!
    By the way, I'm not sure if we ever spoke about this, but do you watch any other anime's besides Pokemon ??
    lets talk about some reality stuff aha! how have you been these days, anything new been happening ??
    Hey, isn't Easter coming soon? :D
    Yeah. Of course, we are now targeting Hoopa and Arceus for the next movie :S
    Me? I was 11 years old 18 years ago, so I am now 11 years old. :? *Whoops I used the calculation from Pokemon :/*
    Yeah, Ash isn't always great :D btw have you heard of the Goodra episode later? I am afraid Goodra will be released :/
    Yeah I don't know as well, but for AmourShipping, there really aren't any hints for almost 10 episodes already
    Haha true, food is no.1
    haha :p
    LOL theres always a catch, eh? ;)
    hahaha xD Yes, its the main reason im coming on here at the moment, to stay in touch with some of the people i met on here. I've not got the energy to keep up with the forums at the moment xD
    That is...not good to say the least.
    You say that as if that's gonna stop me. Haha, just kidding. I would never. But I'll find some way to get something cheaper.
    Common sense isn't exactly as common as it should be. I learned that the hard way.
    Right, instead of buying them, I'll just make copies of them from a printer like fourth-year-students do.
    I'm not denying that.
    What kind of crazy person does?
    Unfortunately, I cannot download textbooks, as I am still in high school. So that does not leave a lot of room for things like clothes in my backpack.
    I would if it was easily affordable. With how little we have it's all we can do to afford the necessities. We're not that bad off, though, so I'm grateful for that. ^-^
    I actually like her more for her appearance than anything else. Hehe. ^-^; I've been waiting for a jewel- / gem-oriented Pokemon for a while and she's so cute on top of it. I'm a collector in-game so I'm always happy to get an event-exclusive Pokemon, but I'd have to say she's my favorite.
    Life certainly isn't, but we make do with what we can. :) I do actually want to go back to school to get my licenses in gemology. I've had a fascination with gemstones since I was little (which is one reason why Diancie appeals to me so much), so becoming a gem appraiser would really be my dream job. The problem is the schools are really expensive. They have financial aid, thankfully, but the courses are supposed to be really intense, so I want to prepare myself as much as I can ahead of time so I don't get overwhelmed like I did in college. It's amazing how much information you can find on the internet if you look in the right places. ^w^ Uh, I mean legally, of course. xP
    No problem, and thanks in turn. :)
    i suppose i can let it slide just this once :p
    yes, im a paranoid bundle of joy ;)
    nah its exactly right xP you're welcome xD
    People complain about gas prices here a lot. Trust me.
    Well, I can't really speak for other people since I don't go to bars. :p
    Very funny. I don't exactly have space for extra clothes in my backpack with 4 textbooks in it.
    I don't even use that much of it in the first place.
    Well, most Americans will disagree with me on that. Here, we think our gasoline is super pricey when it's cheap compared to other places.
    Because most people here in the quiet (or to be blunt, boring) suburbs don't have the desire to stay up that late.
    I don't even have the energy or space to carry extra clothes. :/
    Frankly, I don't even know why I even bother with eye shadow or any kind of make-up whatsoever.
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