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  • It's a MC question :/ A: Earn money B: Fake Ash C: Catch Pokemon D: All of the above :D
    No you can't, Clemont said he will make sure to win over you so, you don't stand a chance and won't be able to challenge the league :D
    Hehe, I threw it away :| But you won't get away easily. Maaika, Psybeam!
    Oops we made a mistake, we shouldn't use bank services or else, Looker will find us :/
    Haha, it's just Jessie and Wobbuffet :D BTW did you watch the episode? We finally get some RocketShipping hints :D
    Yes, you finally discovered that :/ So now you have understand the situation, how about having another "date"?
    PS Rocket Gang isn't really bad actually :D
    My ten year old drew me Pokemon pictures, should I start his real training in Pokemon? I'm thinking same way Piccolo trained Gohan I'll take him to the woods for six months by himself and if he lives I'll put real work into it

    Yeah, as much as I hate it, I do tend to get involved in it when it comes up. After all, stuff does get interesting sometimes. My life does get a bit boring without it.
    Are you questioning my ability? *get angry* jk
    Haha that's why we are planning a revenge on the next three episodes :D I hope Clemont won't get much stronger after his training.
    No, you signed the contract already :)
    Haha it is about $$$ again :/ Alright, check your bank account, we should have put $1 inside :/
    *Too bad we fled to Johto already* This feels really good :D
    No no, jessie and James is a destined couple D:| Haha true, and we will see Ash/Serena only in the next three episodes :D
    Yeah, I'm just working getting the C's so that I don't have to retake them aha!.. And thats okay :) it's good your feeling better now! and good luck at the doctors :p (thats okay :D!.. haha! best wishes, yep I know what your talking about, thats was... not well thought out, although I'll admit, it was laugh aha!
    Phaha! oh boy... *drinks some tea and thinks about avoiding lever sofas this summer*
    heh *looks up and whistles* is that bad ?? aha! and no problemo ^_^
    OHHHHH!!! I so excited for this battle!!! it's going to be sfgjkdhgkcjfhg *calms down* it's going to be so epic :D!! although we all know who's going to win because there's no rematch confirmed, I think Clemont will just grin and bare it, and Ash will give him a bro hug once he receives the badge! maybe not, but I'd like to see it aha!
    Now that, is I'll 96% right, other wise he won't go asking Pikachu to go round volt tackling and electrocuting him on training days xD!
    OH BOY! I'm so excited for this episode, pore James! he freaking cries Dx I think jessie will return to team rock though, she has to! and did you see the update where James says something like, "at least let me give you my blessing" something like that :S
    Well thats good then :) (no! don't worry about it :D! I also like long talks!) haha! I guess you home place and mine are the same but not the same then xP aha if that even makes sense xD!
    Everything is fine thanks :D! we are still working on that "end of the play" project, should be performing in a couple of weeks, time flies so fast it's crazy xD! how about you ??
    Being honest is much better than not ^^ so it's cool :D!!
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