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  • it's cool ^_^
    Yeah exactly!... oh man! that'd be great. They should put Bonnie in on of those outfits she put on while shopping with Serena and Diancie in the 17 movie, I loved them clothes, for Bonnie anyway aha! not too sure about Clement though :S that track suit he wore in the movie was pretty cool haha!
    OH okay! I get it now, and it's fine :p that'd be so cool if that happened, Ash will be like o_O "come again?" I don't know, the only thing I don't want happening if that does happen, is for Ash not to act oblivious, shocked and speechless if anything. fgjkhdf, now I want to know what they will talk about with Delia and if they ever go to the forest where they both met *breathes* aha! sorry, we should probably not get over excited for this stuff, it may not happen >.<
    That's exactly right!.. 16+ and in their 30s, proves that Pokemon can still attract the older audience, and also as you said, it's definitely become more mature, e.g. Lucario going berserk! tennnnseeee!.. well, if Ash celebrating on the same date to when he first met Pikachu counts in that Pikachu short, then no, I don't think it has aha!
    no problemo :D!
    phaha! I guess with any other male anime characters are pretty predictable with this stuff, Ash is pretty unpredictable (not as in acting oblivious, I mean say if someone kissed him, it's hard to predict on how he'll act) so it's be interesting to see aha!.. defiantly!!! that'd be perfect for a confession!
    (aha thanks ^_^)
    It was because of Dragonball's greatness that animes like One Piece and Fairy Tail exist. Dragonball was pretty much an inspiration for just about all modern-day shounen manga/anime.
    (Hey, I wish I could be tough, but I'm too much of a wuss :p)
    Well, I don't know how I feel about that marriage, I need to start watching Dragonball again.
    (I don't exactly know what's considered "tough" or not, but I guess so. Even though I was half-joking, I suppose I will try to let you keep yours because I don't want it to get revoked.)
    True. :p I mean, as dense as Goku was, he did end up marrying Chi-chi.
    Yay! :D
    (Right, I don't know exactly what guys do to watch your reputations, but I acknowledge that you need to keep you man-card.)
    Previous: in my opinion, ash only likes serena as a friend, but its obvious serena likes ash.
    Now: Just cause it's proven from both sides doesn't mean his out of his oblivious box.
    Oblivious ash will always remain oblivious regardless. o_o hearing many people say now armour-shipping is strong in japan :p
    hey hey hey then that's great. Serena likes ash proven, the oblivious master proven to finally like serena, wewt wewt.
    Lol. It is the Karlo's region after all :p. I hope serena is choosen to be ash's future married partner. Wonder how armour shipping is like over there in japan
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