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  • My mind has become dense. This is what happens when you stay up late to watch Fairy Tail instead of sleeping or doing homework. :p
    Oops when I check out the dictionary, I finally know that I used the right word :D
    Haha that's good you know, and don't forget my fury swipe and Sonansu's Mirror Coat XD More Pokemon = More profit :)
    Of course we won't give you all :/
    No no, my bad :| Please don't let him know that. He will get mad for sure.
    Haha :S *Director: Hey Ash, now say "Hinoyakoma, I choose you"* Anyway see you :=]
    They said he went on the comp which had my acc logged in and done it from there.
    He accidently dropped his keys down the drain & pai £80 to get it back out.
    Thank you! and thanks again haha!
    oh no :( well, I hope your feeling better, it's been about 8 days since we last spoke (sorry about that :O I'm coming on more now hopefully!) I know what you mean, as much as sitting around just chil-laxingcan be fun, getting out and being lively etc.. is defiantly more worth it!
    Yep yep yep, true words of wisdom xP and hehe,, thanks :)
    I some ways I do agree with you, but when it comes to maths and English, a little less challenging would be great xD!.. Thats not good :( I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be better by summer to teach soccer!! And thats okay :) any improvements so far since we last spoke ??
    Yeah aha!.. and phahaha! thats really awkward when that happens xD! oh man, even though it's embarrassing to think about, it's kind of hard to not laugh at the thought >.<
    And same to you as well :D!!
    hehe.. and thanks, I don't think you are either :p!
    Speaking of which, did you see the new episode ?? did you expect Clemont to leave for a while, and for Bonnie to stay behind ?? Clemont is going to be pretty shock when he see's the evolved form of Goodra aha!.. haha I know what you mean xD! it is funny when Ash and Pikachu go head to head haha!
    (It's cool, it's cool :D!)
    no it's fine! you don't need to apologise! I guess anyone can do it really :D!
    No worries ^_^ and basically what you said really, if Ash were you win Serena would run up to him full of excitement and hug him with out releasing aha! then kiss him on the cheek, and Ash would be like "o_O" and boom! I'm not sure after that, I think I went too far xD! and as for when he looses, I agree withyour opinion, she'll comfort him with a hug, because loosing a League for 100th sorry for the exaggeration aha! I was joking time could be pretty crushing for him :(.. and imagine if she did say that though, whoaaaaa would that bring hype haha!
    Same here!! (and yeah, because I would of headed to a fancy restaurant and asked them to bake for me *evil laugh* you will never know.... oh wait....)
    Oh no no! don't worry, I don't think that :p
    humm, I'm not too sure, I honestly want to see him in a completely different design, different colour based, and style, well I don't see how they'll change the style a lot from, jeans, top and jacket, but you know aha!.. oh yeah! but if I'm honest, I only noticed it because everybody was talking about it on the airing of XY aha! I completely agree with you on Ash wearing simple clothes!! (no problemo ^_^)
    Defiantly, and heh *scratches head*... sorry, but what does quasi-confession mean ?? Speaking of Serena's goodbye, do you see her visiting Ash's home before leaving, or will they just depart ?? I think this was mentioned in the forms, someone said it'd be great to see Ash and Serena see where their childhood friendship started, to me, that'd would be amazing :D!! (and it's okay, no worries :p) oh man that got me excited! I really want to know how Ash and Grace's talk will go now, ahhhhhhh! and Serena and Delia's talk as well if that should ever happen :O!
    oh okay :p and I'm not seeing the side of Ash ageing being confusing though xS ah well, what's done is done really haha!.. whoa really ?? where did you read about that ?? thats's pretty interesting :D! and yeah, I don't think the word birthday has ever been used, has it ??
    Ah, I guess time can only tell :p it would be nice to think that :D!
    haha! xP
    Haha yeah of course XD Wouldn't want to get stalked by two people in weird costumes, with their weird cat though :p
    No I have not! You have! XD
    *suddenly glares at you and snarls* You little punk! (*growls and wacks you with a small and very full pillow, so there's more force and a snap*) *ignores him, standing behind truthful answer* :)P) "so" don't go complaining if you started it. >w> Well, too bad. *continues to poke him while still smiling*
    *turning red from struggle and laughter* L-lia-r! *headbutts you light enough not to hurt, but hard enough to make a point* Stop it! (Well, come to think of it, I guess it is. ^ ^;)
    *glowers at him and walks away to the side of the house* Jerk... (my eyes question you, :p) *makes face* Doesn't count. >.>
    *shrieks and smacks your hand* Unless you're giving me a million dollars, leave alone! ToT (*has a twitching grin* Hey, you practically asked for it by covering me with feathers~ (>^w^)>) *growls and tapes his mouth shut* I said to shut it! D<
    *looks at lighter uncertainly, but tries to light it...it doesn't work* T.T (Heh, thanks!) *takes a good amount of ketchup from hair in hand and smears it on your face* You watch yours! D<
    True. :3 *lol* [yee~]
    ^ ^ Arigatou, same here~ (*squints at you suspiciously* So you'd have brought it up eventually anyway? Mischievous sheep... >.> ^ ^) *accepts the lollipop, but continues scowl, though with a slight pout, thinking: jerk...*
    *has an expression somewhere between a scowl and a pout* If I must pick between that and tickling, then yes. That's better. -.-
    Aw, aside from the random antics, drama, arguments, and lengthy-posts, you don't even notice I'm gone~ XD Thank you, Sheepy. I need it, because one of my professors really suck. >.> Luckily, everything else is somewhat decent - managing wise. Oh! I'll send you my first extremely-mild anime-comedic-irony moment started up by this year of school in PM! that was a tiny bit of a mouthful, yes? XD
    no-one told him, he done it. So another one bites the duster.
    I was chilling with my mater yesterday in his car and he told me he told he had to pay £80 to the council so that they can get his car keys out. £80 down the drain.
    i aint friends with the guy who sent the fake letter. I would say that was too much of a ***** move. i havent told him that. I'll just keep it to myself.
    Haha as a Rocket Grunt, I haven't been that honest for long :D jk
    No we are serious now ]:| We have Inkay and Pumpkaboo so thing's are getting easier :)
    *commercial secret* I can somewhat tell you, it's about 10 digits :S
    What? That's really a funny joke :D *HAHAHA*
    Oh yeah, like Clemont. That souvenir is a smokescreen :D *Here*
    See you soon :/ YOU HAVE TO
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