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  • Hahaha XD
    Yeah I've seen some positive guys pop up, but the amount of pessimists and people talking about love rivals (again!) is so annoying.
    Well, I guess she does sometimes. But there are times when I simply can't bring myself to being direct because I really don't want to hurt people.
    Well, I tend to be direct most the time, but sometimes I hurt people without meaning to. But I do stop myself from being direct when I have to.
    If i do get along with her i would have to reject what my parents say.
    Or i could somehow convince them.

    It's going to come down to those 2.
    Everything alright lol. I told em it wasn't me and everything got sorted. There really wasn't many people going on about it cause of the holidays im assuming. And the person was one of my friend who just wanted to have a bit of laugh. I told him if you do that, then don't get me involved in it in-anyway. I defo won't trust him with anything tho. Stuff like these are highly likely to be fake anyway
    So?! How's life been treating you? Read any good fanfics?! :D and yeah unlike some others I have faith in the writers like others!! Amour ftw!!!!
    Probably drugs actually XD
    I..... have to agree. Seeing fake hints is what actually made Negaishipping a thing LOL. The thread is just... well pointless to go on. The mods were complaining about the old thread... it was about 10x better than what we've got now!
    I've actually heard about some study that girls are attracted more to older men if they have a dad that was fairly old when they were born, like about early 40s or older.
    I don't know, just about any Grayza hint or Erza X Anyone but Jellal/Gerard hint is overshadowed by the somewhat canon Jerza/Gerza. But I'm sure there's a couple of good Grayza hints in the series. After all, I've only got into Fairy Tail recently.
    I've never curled my hair before, I think it's too much work for me. And I prefer having straight-hair anyways.
    Haha, I totally understand how she feels when she has to deal with Natsu and Gray. :p
    I just need to stop being melodramatic all the time. Oh, so your sister is one those types of curly-haired girls. Yeah, I have found those girls to be tiresome sometimes. Funny thing is, lots of straight haired girls are obsessed with getting curly hair.
    I love how I'm just like Erza when I'm around boys around my age! XD
    I don't know, it's just how everyone wants what they they can't have, so they always feel insecure. Guess that's why I say stupid stuff like that.
    Well, she stronger than me by a lot though, so... Okay, I guess I tend to get annoyed by dumb boys around me all time like she does. And I WISH I could hit them when they're being stupid like she does.
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