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  • Just found out some guy on valantine gave a love letter to a girl saying it was from me. WHAT THE HECK.
    And apparently all the business teachers and head of sixth form read it too. And some students some how read that aswell.
    Tommorow i am so clearing all this misunderstanding up. I've today already clarified to the girl myself that it wasn't me. Funny thing about the letter is that it says this "we use to have lesson together PDP last year" when we really didn't. Lol.
    Thanks for agreeing m8 :D

    Nah dude! I meant only a kiss on the cheek lol. On the lips... Not gonna happen lemme tell you that much :3 I mean, in the Western world, a kiss on the lips is fine, but in Japan, I think thats stretching it. True, we don't know Serena's official status as to what she's going to be after XY, so there's no need for this kind of thinking. Live in the present and enjoy Amour for what it is! :)
    I think a kiss could end up happening, or a hug, but only at the end. [I think there's a difference between pessimism and realism, but most people end up getting confused and just straight up start making the worst counter arguments for Amour lol]
    The thread became pretty hectic after a bunch of new people came in and began tearing it apart after XY059, because apparently they thought Amour was being brought down :p Hopefully we all set our expectations straight for the future :)
    Cool cool :p
    phaha! your funny xD! (that alright then :D) whoa their good reasons! it's been said before, but you do make good points about a lot of stuff, thats for sure! helpful as well!
    Oh so you still have the migraine ?? :( it's probably best to take it easy yeah aha! but it's awesome you still have your liveliness :D!!.. true, plus if you get presented with some good food, you ca use that idea and make it your own :p
    Thank you :D!.. ding ding ding! exactly ^_^ thats a great way to put it! and thanks again :).. oh no, if it's okay to ask, what health problems are making you have to cut down on stuff ?? you don't need to answer that! I know that information is personal. Hope you get better soon!
    Really ?? our weather isn't exactly brilliant either aha! oh my daze, thats hot!.. the thing is, when it's hot where I am, it's not a nice heat, it's a thick heat if that makes sense, not very pleasant when your moving about or sitting in a warm room for that matter x(
    Yeah, same here ^_^ honestly, you really don't! I'm not as busy as you think, I do have quite a lot of spare time in life aha!
    I'm not even sure myself xD! and thank you, I really appreciate it :)
    hehe, no probs xP
    Hey, it can be, you never know! not too much or too little though, obviously aha!.. and fair enough :p I'm not judging!
    By the way, what are you thoughts on the up coming episode, where Clemont's Pokemon is said to evolve ?? I know the whole Ash and gangs Pokemon turning evil thing has been done before, but I'm still pretty hyped, what do you think ??
    ^_^ Thanks!
    phaha! thats obvious, and I know right ?? It's a really big change! and I would love to see Ash in a new design, I think they would keep the original colours they put on him. but yeah, I do just like that top he wore in the movie, that on it's own is good enough, obviously with the trousers he has xD! (oh yeah, I understand :D)
    Yeah me neither, it'd be a shock if he end up shedding a tear aha! Serena would cry yes, your right :p and I really hope she does try to confess them, it would of be all hyped up for nothing then :( (same here sheepy) I get what your saying, and I agree, unless they decide to throw in a serious scenario that involves Ash interacting with Grace, then I'm not sure, probably comedy as you said, what do you think ??
    Oh my daze your right xD! accept I would call bart innocent aha! lets hope sooner rather than later, or someone needs a birthday in this series!
    Thank you :D! and my friend made the rice balls, I couldn't get the rice to stay together xD! and the bowls are meant to be ramen ;P the one on the right is a strawberry cheese cake, and the others are apple and custard tarts, not really Japanese but oh well xD! me own a restaurant ?? *blushes* I'm not that good at cooking, my friend helped out a lot with all this aha! but thanks ^_^
    *highs fives* no problemo :) sorry for making you hungry, you started it with teasing me with pizza haha! ;)
    whoa really ?? I honestly thought it was for Japanese culture, I guess I was wrong >.<
    Thats a smart opinion actually, I completely understand what you mean, and it's definitely a possibility. Yeah it'd be best after the league, speaking of that, how do you think Serena will react to Ash either loosing or wining the league ??
    At least I don't need to feel guilty about being on the computer a lot aha! but cold whether can be hard to work in your right :S (okay then, it's oooonnnnnnnn sheepy >:p)
    Well, you're right. It's always better to do homework later. Watching Fairy Tail is more important than Statistics homework. :D
    jokinnng, I didn't mean to have it sound like that aha!
    oh my daze!! thats exactly right :D!! people sometimes end up saying that my hyperness (not even a word aha) is contagious xD!
    oh no :( hope your better now!.. I'm really sor- aw man this sorry thing is hard >.< I won't mention it again probably don't worry!
    It's okay, I'm still considering going on to animal care next year, but I am like the project we are doing right now :) we have to go into groups of 4-5s, and pick a play from our choice, then perform the last 2 scenes from that play. hows your work and that going ??
    (whoa! you learn something new every day ^_^.. awesome! aha! and damn, thats cold, i checked our weather, I'm not good at reading this kind of stuff, but it says it's 4(small dot next to it) today :p
    awesome! it's cool to know a lot of the convocations aren't forgotten :D jshgkdhg, this pizza talk is evil xD! yep yep, I sent it :p that meal, took me and my friend 5 hours to make, it was worth it, but a real challenge xD!
    well, you asked for an example, so yeahhhhhh, you can blame yourself for that ;) haha!
    oh boy, I mean't to say kitchen, not ketchum xD! but still, yes, that is, in fact one, way to get to Ash's heart of friendship :p
    Thats bad for me, because I need to apologise for the late reply, okay it's good enough that you 'know' I want to apologise aha! that's good ^^
    yeah, especially if you compare these two photos: http://tempmediahashed.tumblr.com/8pleydaeauckwgo4kkkwggg0w_tumblr_tmp.jpg
    (thats fair enough, I know a lot of people feel like that) yep yep :p
    No problemo :D! and yeah definitely, I do think that there will be some crying involved, now is it pushy that I actually want a hug at the end, not just between Ash and Serena, but for each of them to at least exchange a hug, it's never happened I'm still waiting for Ash to hug his mum aha other than that, what you said really :)
    okay, 13-14, thats fair ^^ I have a feeling that they won't ever reveal his age again, they'll just leave it to people imaginations, or have people keep believing that his a guy that doesn't age. Obviously I hope I'm wrong with that, I'd love for them to mention his age at some point :p
    Awesome thank you :D!! I did end up uploading it onto Tumblr and using the url from there, here it is:
    From being in the same position about having different goals in my head and panicking witch one to go for etc.. yeah I do agree :) but I think it's only Japanese who change their appearance to start a fresh, correct me if I'm wrong aha!
    Yeah definitely!! and I understand what you mean about Serena not mentioning her feelings to Ash until the end of the league, I also would prefer that :D
    Haha! well it shows your keeping busy, witch is better than staying on the internet all day. I can't really talk there, because I do have days when I'm on the internet a lot xD!.. WOO! (and eheh, trying not to apologise about that xD!)
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