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  • Because you are destined to work ALL day!
    No he get many eggs every day, so that shouldn't be a problem. And yeah, I don't know why Tierno, Trova gang can get Kanto starters from Prof. Platane :/
    Haha I am trying to separate Pikachu from you and get it *Oops I shouldn't reveal my tactics*
    Yeah he actually praised us in BW so we are still grateful to him :D
    I actually wonder how many Joy are there in this world? :? Nonooo... I do not mean this though I think of this way :D jk
    Nah dude, you're actually right on the money with what you said :3
    The hype building up for XY059 was UNREAL. I think if u searched Pokemon on youtube, or Google, the second suggested search was XY059 Ash and Serena's first date o_O
    Haha yep! That's the reason I don't want Amour to become canon yet. Gotta give yourself the benefit of the doubt :p
    Those mike tyson fists :p. Always knew someone was going to get brutally hurt whenever he entered the ring.
    I predict floyd to win by unanimous or split decsion, his got home-town judges advanatage.
    northern ireland.
    And i agree with you on both. And i completely agree he isn't good as he was in 2009. Just age slowed him down/weaken him.
    his best performance was his fight againist cotto. That footspeed, explosivenes, those all over the place angles, that insane speed. He became the best fighter after that performance. And now he aims to get that status back by dethroning the current best fighter. Hope he wins, his my fav.
    was still a sort of alright time. If they do decide to take me another time it would be 5 days maximum.
    The 6 year long awaited mega-bout is confirmed. Two pound-for-pound stars in action on may 2nd.
    On the boxingforum it overloaded with pacquio and mayweather threads upon fight announcement lol.
    I haven't changed my number at all since I got my phone six years ago, lol.
    Yeah, I know. You don't need alcohol to have a good time anyways.
    I doubt that I will need to though.
    Eh, she's not the type of person who likes having fun "the way that 21-year-olds do" either.
    Yeah! :D
    1 *crosses arms* Okay...jerk. >.> *rolls eyes* Well, sarcasm or not, you admitted it, so nice to hear~ ;P *sticks tongue out* I want a dance! How many times must I say repeat myself? *hisses*
    2 Oh? What's the matter? *tilts head innocently* *huffs ever-so-slightly* While that is true, it gets you no where in the inspirational department, so don't ruin it. -.- (yes, yes it is~) (depends on the subject. :p) *humors him and waits patiently* *raises eyebrow, but doesn't stop him* Sometimes paint won't come off, and besides, paint has that strong scent. =_= *hisses* Don't you dare! *shrugs* I was just stating a fact. >w>
    3 *smiles* (*twirls wrist in a 'yeah, right' fashion* Sure, sure. Remind me of that when you do. =w=)
    4 *pouts at smile evidently not being convincing enough* *finishes wrapping and pats your head* There we go! All better~ :3 *good question, because, as they say, it's the nice ones you have to look out for~ (>^w^)>*
    5 (*waves it off* No need. :p) *runs from him* No way bad sheepy! DX *scrunches up nose* Eh...meh. >.> (teeheehee~ ;P)
    6 "you're welcome" *smiles at his glare* Simple: because you aren't one. =w= *growls and throws another towel at him*
    7 *shrieks and runs away* Leave me alone! ToT (Sometimes? Meanie. >.>) *whimpers and continues to back up* I never used a sharp object! >_<
    (1) *pouts* How dare you humor me. >.> (*huffs* *glowers* That does not count! >_<)
    1 Ah-ha! Then you do belong in a madhouse! :D *nods as well* Yep. *doesn't care because she'll continue to use the bullets anyway* *they are not!* *glares*
    2 *whimpers* Could've fooled me! T.T *pales at knife* ...And you call me crazy!? o.o Eeeee!
    3 "You littl-" *does a double-take* What? Hamster? o.o Eep! *squeaks in surprise at getting pinched, then scowls*
    4 *laughs* You 'don't know' because you 'do know' I wouldn't give up the gun for anything. ;3 *snickers and side-steps away* Ah-ah-ah. It's not nice to take things from others~ ;D (lol)
    5 (Mm-hm~ ^w^) *rolls eyes* Hey, you specify a certain amount before... *smirks* pats can also be a sign of affection, ya know~* How am I cruel? All I did was walk behind you! >_< *the same place every other gadget came from~* (*bats eyelashes to emphasize cuteness* Nya~? :3) *frowns a bit* You just figured that out...? >_> *smiles angelically and giggles at his empty threat* Yep~! ^w^
    6 Me little what? >w> *twirls out of his reach* Sometimes, yes. :p
    7 *glares* Bitter and bitter would cancel each other out, thank you very much! *hisses* (Meanie. -.-) (*raises eyebrow* Like I'll believe that... >.> *lowers camera while giggling* Don't worry. I'll put chibi eyes over yours in the photo, then no one will ever know~)
    8 *scowls* Shut up! D< *squints with a rumbled growl at his laughter* =.= *screams in a high-pitch, yet low volume* Get...it...off...! *alternates between screaming and whining, wanting to glare at him, but can't* ( . . . *throws another fish at him* -.-)
    9 *you don't want to believe it, but it's true* ;P
    *silent in frozen mortification* . . . (*narrows eyes and growls*) It's fact. Free is the cheapest of all! XD (wouldn't have it any other way~ XD) *grins* Hey, you brought it up. -w- Why not? *smiles innocently*
    *shrieks and tries to grab at feather* B-B-But i-it's m-mine! D8 (is it really? XD)
    *pouts and turns away in defeat* Jerk... (=.= I doubt that very much.) *scoffs at his expression* Likely story. >.>
    *squirms* No, I can't. It really is time for me to get to work; I've played long enough. (yes! don't forget the twitching-grossness! do that to you? Hm... >w>) *hisses and taps/swats at your tapping hand* Shut up!
    *sits down and enjoys light show* o.o (good! then I wouldn't have to resign! ;P) *gasps and instantly slaps bottle out of your hand* How dare you! D< (neah! XD)
    Or your brain just wants to have a conversation or debate. ;3 *good* Si! ^ ^ full reply is in PM, since it went over character limit Yes, that makes sense. Good advice, Sheepy. Thanks. ^ ^ (It's all good~ I do the same - though, I don't usually jump the gun and start an insightful speech... LOL! But seriously. It's fine! Thank you, Sheepy. ^ ^) *scowls at the kids comment, but chooses to keep mouth shut*
    Hey, you tickled me first! >_<
    Arigatou, Sheepy! :D
    Classes started for me yesterday, and now I'm busier than I'd like to be. It's actually not too bad, but with my beta responsibilities as well (or rather, my stubborn self not wanting to keep "clients" waiting longer than I'd like), I probably won't be on as much - or, at least, not on as regularly until I get used to things.
    Well, I would hope all goes according plan. So we promised me won't change our phone numbers in the next three years. Lol.
    Hehe, my friend volunteered to be the driver. XD
    I would probably do the same if I was in his situation.
    We weren't being serious since we will be separating off to college soon though, so it's unlikely we will have a reunion when the time comes. But if it ends up happening, one of us will definitely have to be a driver. Lol
    He has the right idea.
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