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  • Yep. We joked about how three years from now when we're all 21 (the 4 of us who went to her had already had our 18th birthdays in December or January), we could all go to Vegas to, do 21-year-old stuff. (If you know what I mean). That sucks, I kinda feel sorry for your friend though that his family is such trash that you couldn't even go to his house.
    Oooh a reaction from Ash himself defending Serena would have been a huge score in terms of Amourshipping I guess. I think the writers decided not to go overboard with the hints lol.
    Well, I'm glad this party was fun and fulfilling despite being small and short. That is a little too over-the-top to me. I get that they may have been on a tight budget, but that's a little harsh for both the kid and the guests.
    Yeah, I think it's wise not to.
    It is better when it's free, just like everything else! :D (Sushi is expensive everywhere outside Japan.)
    You were complaining about how I made you hungry. And we were at a sushi place when we celebrated, I just happened to be invited.
    Haha yeah :)
    [I mean don't the movies have no effect on the show anyways? Even if something like that did end up happening, I doubt that it would carry over to the actual show itself and affect it there. :/ my god.]
    Anyways, finally got around to seeing the new episode. Pretty good imo, loved the intro and especially that part where Jessie commented on her new design :3
    No no, you have to work everyday!! No holidays for you. jk :D
    Wow XD when did Platane win his election?? I thought he was still investigating mega evolution...
    Hm... you can actually rob it, it knows only Thunderbolt, Iron Tail... So you may use Hawlucha to counter it :D *Secretly calls Jessie: Hey looks like it's time to catch Pikachu*
    Yep I can't stand another gang other than Team Rocket ):( It's up to us to clear such nuisance :|
    Oops that's typo again :/ I mean like Joy :D Yeah yeah, Jessie has the same class as Lyndsay Lohan. Alright, I shouldn't really learn from you :S jk
    Lol, I was just came back from my friend's 18th birthday celebration. We were all in our natural out-of-control states at that moment. It's fun to let it out sometimes.
    Oh I see then.
    That's true. The thread could use some happiness and optimism for a change.
    [Every time there's like a small idea or a CoTD or even flat out THEORIES lots of people in the thread immediately turn pessimistic :l I think it reached it's lowest point where everyone said that Amour would die down when people began predicting that Ash was gonna get kissed on the cheek by a main character in the new movie xD]
    Hopefully it doesn't come to that :3
    [Anyways, what's going in with the Amour thread? Too much pessimism lol]
    C'mon, everyone has that side to them. We just get better at hiding it in public as we get older.
    Okay, then I'll be quiet. I see, that's interesting.
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