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  • Yeah, I'm nervous about her change too, if you mean that. I really preferred her with her long hair, but I noticed that with this new style she looks ...kinda older? That's what I think.
    (*high fives* :D)
    phaha! ah well what you gunner do ?? and yeah, I like to think of it like that :D!
    Yeah, I guess it's a good trait to have then, to lighten up people moods, its nice ^_^
    Oh, are you not doing the healthy thing anymore ??.. that is true, food is very hard to avoid, especially food like, chips, pizza, burgers etc.. and thanks ^^
    *wipes forehead* thats good to now then :) thats a good idea, I'll try that, thank you for the tip :D!
    (high five for overusing the word sorry aha!.. wow really ?? I know it can make you ache but hurt you muscles ?? I never knew that :S
    and if we're lucky, our sensei will let us wear socks during training, but most of the time it's bare footed, at home though, definitely double layer of socks! no doubt haha!
    no no! I was joking to when I asked that ^_^ ahaha! you still remember that ?? it's pretty funny now I think back on it xD!.. thats cruel sheepy xD! that very cruel, okay, when I find out how to send pictures on here, you shall be teased with the Japanese meal ;P
    well, for starters, you can design cakes to look like anything you want, say like a Poke-ball, ORR you can get plain biscuits, cover the top with icing sugar, add a marshmallow for the body, dot three black icing dots for the snowman melted body, and it's eyes and mouth, and there you have a melted snowman :p got it of the internet, very tasty hehe
    haha! well, ketchum dose = food, so yeah, most likely xP
    ehh, sorry again about that >.<
    I really like her hair, it suits her, and it also makes her look older, don't you think ??.. oh yeah I've herd about that! yeah, they also did this in a few other animes, I think it is a tradition.. Yeah same! I hope they show them keeping in touch too! Speaking of which, I wonder what the goodbye between Ash and Serena will be like *thinks* I have a feeling that it will be quite emotional, but I don't know how aha! any ideas ??
    I'd like to think his about 16, thats if you looked into it a bit more, e.g. check on youtube, if he was to age, he'd apparently be about that aha!
    *aha! it came though okay :p* oh yeah! I ended up making a full Japanese meal today aha! I'll try send a picture.. *scratches head* how do you do it, I don't know how xD!
    Haha, yeah, most likely ;) Oh boy, I felt so bad for her on that whole scene :(.. and I'm not too sure really, I think maybe, she'll be so determined to win this time, that she just everything to be perfect, o every little thing, she'll try to correct and eventually get agitated ?? I'm not sure, maybe something like that, what do you think ??
    maaaaaan, I got excited reading that, AmourShipping should just become canon already, it's basically nearly there! in a way aha!
    well, I see it all over tumblr, so it does get you thinking aha! ooo chines food :D sounds good! haha! nice reference as well ;P and I didn't really do anything, it was a pretty lazy day hehe! oh yeah, and happy late pancake day ^_^
    It was posted here in the forums as a fic due to not having a scanner to upload images (don't have money to buy one), but I stopped due to the horrible restrictions this site has on fanfictions. (And which I don't recommend for posting fanfic from that point on) Anyways, it's about a superhero's adventures in Kalos and beyond during Gen VI.

    What last episode are you talking about?
    Yeah I make these kinds of mistakes as well :D
    Haha you know what, I get almost 10 days of holidays for Chinese New Year, so that's nice :D
    I don't know, maybe he looks more like a professor than Prof. Platane? He has the potential to become an great actor :/
    Really? I see... Grr... You should treat Pikachu much better :| (Yes, yes, I really agree)
    I don't know, he looks like Mr. McDonald tbh XD Red beard, big nose... :/
    Alright, let's keep this as secret. We won't want to leak the storyline to anyone :S
    Hm, perhaps. I just think she will become an great actress like Jessie at the end :/ Nonono, that's some typos. Don't call her :S
    Haha I guess you post your most recent private message in the wrong place :D Don't worry, I didn't read it
    Yeah feeling fine, but you know, tmr is Chinese New Year and I have to prepare many things before hand
    Actually I heard that Oak is only a contract employee and the company only extend Oak's contract every 3 months, so I guess the compensation fee wouldn't be too huge :|
    Pikachu gets injury? No, they can just go to Pokemon center to recover.
    Oops I didn't know that, actually I should have noticed it, that Ash looks quite different from the one I am talking to :S Maybe he will come here after he finishes all 8 badges, (that's the common structure in anime)
    Really? I don't know that a gym leader gives out PP Up to the trainers :/
    Hm yeah, Serena is almost destined to get famous, hopefully she will stay with Ash even after she becomes the Kalos Queen :/ Haha maybe, but only after I have got my salary for this month :D
    xD Yeah this episode tho...
    After some thinking, I don't think Yashio's actually going to take her. I mean it's sort of early for a scenario like this to happen. If it does though, just think of how emotional the decision is going to be :O
    We do have sport facilities, but I can't really use them without anyone else. I do go outside, but it gets boring after a while.
    Haha same here :p
    Everyone seems to be worried about some kiss in the upcoming pokemon movie, which doesn't really make sense to me

    Oh and yeah Yashio certainly could do some damage to Amourshipping. all these hypothetical scenerios have definitely got me thinking. Like you said, it's way too much to take in all but just one episode :/
    :)P) *grins* (yes, why did you ask?) :3 Eh. Not cheap enough. ("you're welcome") Psssh... *tosses napkin* My snorts are clean, thank you. *pokes you more*
    *what the heck? XD* *scream/squeals, pitch slowly steadily getting higher and growing louder* S-Stop t-that! x.x *glares through struggles* No way!
    Hmph. I could sue you. (mean? What do you think the characters are chewing on when they're eating meat? XD) *growls* I'll take that as a no. *swiftly trots away*
    *tries moving away, trembling a bit* N-Not right now. I'm busy. x.x (hey, if you've seen Another, you'd see how deadly umbrellas can be yes, it was an 'accident', but still. XD) No, I don't! *makes face and taps your head in retort*
    Lol. No pro- uh. *eyes widen at burning books* Oh, my. o.o (you wouldn't want me to be! *sticks tongue back*) *grunts and flicks back* (yah!)
    Huh. And here I thought I was mostly straight-forward and sometimes abrupt, albeit a little vague... Ah, well. *don't be* Oh, definitely! I meant the person would need some other being to kick-start the journey of loving themself; then, from there, they'd find more things to love. All it takes is one quality to start it. (the bug addition came from watching something where the bugs were the main guy's comrades or something... XD) *claps happily and accepts lollipop (I was actually craving for a lollipop earlier, lol)* No prob I wouldn't have been surprised, lol *huffs* That doesn't mean you can tickle me! >.<
    Lol. Ieie, Sheepy-san~ ;P *curtsies*
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