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    1 Jerk! *growls* Coward! *shakes in frustration* No fun, no head! I'm your senpai, so you should heed my words! *cackles at his fall and continues to shoot* I'll shoot if I want to!
    2 *shrugs, still smiling* Okay then~ *patiently waits for him to walk* :3 *relaxes a bit, those is still a bit twitchy* Ah...then that means, for you, the world is an open book~! (typical, cheap, anything line, you mean, XD) (oh, no, no. I was using the "typical, cheap," lines/reasonings. ;P lol) *continues to stare but raises an eyebrow, thinking: was that a potential threat?* *continues to squint, but lets it go against better judgement* =_= No, I have not. If I did do something to somebody's hair, it would be experimenting with different styles to see what works. And, no. Paint on clothes is a no-no, and paint in hair is snatching-worthy. :p Pssh, well, you didn't deny it~ >w>
    3 *laughs* (*sticks tongue out* Which is why it puzzles me that you won't call for some kind of back up. >w>)
    4 Yep! *flashes an angelic smile* You should be~ :3 *nods* *smiles with a slight grin* Of course, Sheepy~ *begins to wrap your leg with toy gun still in hand* *glances at you briefly, then back at the wrapping job with a small head shake* Oi...
    5 (you didn't last time, that's why I asked. :p) Nuuu! *hisses and headbutts to free self* *groans* Do you remember this stuff because you have a good memory? Or because you were in so much shock at the discovery that you remember? (simple; I wasn't dared. XD)
    6 *not entirely that time, :p* Yes. Yes, I do. :3 Not at this time, you don't! >_< *blinks at display, then snarls* You little-! *throws a towel in his face*
    7 Then I'll get it myself! >.< Did you ever? =.= *backs up, a bit disappointed at the possibility of being killed by a knife*
    (1) I am interesting. :p Ooh~ Another point for me then? XD (I didn't say I was random; I said the energy was! >_< For what? "Admitting that I'm random"? >.<)
    1 *scowls at his smile* 'Please' go to an acting class. :p "Oi..." *shakes head* So am I. They're squishy and have a bounce-bend effect~ :3 *squeezes a bullet as if to prove point, and grins in the form of a smirk at his anger* Me little what?
    2 *struggles* You're freaking me out! >_< *whines and tries to pull away*
    3 *mocks him* "I told you to be original" *also sticks tongue out*
    4 *aims guns at the sight of hammer* And why would I do that? It wouldn't make sense. *shoots him again* (lol, and that's all gone down the drain~)
    5 (You never have. :p *hisses at him as a reply*) Okay. If I gave you a dollar, you would buy a 5k dollar lie? :3 *pats your head* Ah...get over it. :p Nope~ But don't worry. I'll make you're good and comfortable. *presses a button so that he's restrained with metal* 83 (*tilts head in mock-innocence* because it would've been impolite not too...) Oops... Guess it was real, after all. My bad. ^ ^;
    6 Pssh... *pouts a bit, but then grins slyly* Okay, I'd be happy with that. *sticks tongue back* (*hiss*)
    7 *groans* Nothing could take the bitterness away. =_= (I was kidding, I said! >.<) (I'll stop when you stop touching or trying to touch mine. :p *snaps photo* XD)
    8 Pssh. I don't have to tell you. *crosses arms* How come? I always tell the truth. (>^w^)> *chill goes down spine at contact* Oh, god... (*shrug* You know how much energy it takes chasing you around? :p)
    9 *scoffs slightly* You bet wrong. I was a sweet little angel~ >w>
    *bursts into laughter at his face* Oh, my god...! XD *nods with a straight-face* Why, yes. Yes, I do. =w= *scowls, not buying it* (eh... *debates and considers it*) *wonders why a napkin* and I say Meh! >.> *shakes head and pokes him* Ah, get up!
    *groans at creepiness* *begins to hiccup from the effort of holding in tears* ;w; *screams/squeals, letting go of helmet and twisting to free self* DX
    You dominating birds. *crosses arms with a huff* (Fletchling~ >w>) *narrows eyes and hisses more* Haven't you tortured me enough?
    *steps back* Nuuu. o.o *grunts* *hisses* (*rolls eyes at the obvious* It's for extra protection, of course! I'd have a free hand; why not use it for an umbrella?) I don't need it. Shoo! *makes shooing hand gestures*
    Mm-hmm. Oof. Just the comparison of the two subjects themselves sound like another world, never mind the writing! I can understand that; stay strong, Sheepy. Stay strong. T.T (*rolls eyes* Right. ;P) *sticks tongue back* (point for me then~) lol
    *blinks slowly, then glances at my previous reply* ...Is it the way I word things that somehow spark the need for a philosophical reply? Or do you have a kind of insightful perspective by default...? *giggles* Not saying it's a bad thing; I was just taken off guard this time. But now for a proper reply: yes, yes. You have a point, and I agree with it - although, I do think there are times when one can't start to truly love oneself until after another - be it a person, an animal...or a bug - reaches out to them first; as far as like, trust, or kindness. Those are pretty special cases, though, but they exist. *hugs* (Lol. It's fine. I was sounding like one too with your sleeping habits... ^ ^; Thanks, though, for the advice. ^ ^) *squeaks and swats at his hands* >_<
    Thanks. You too~ ^ ^
    Exactly. :p
    (Don't mess with me.) Well, I can't "squash" any walls in my neighborhood. No, I'm not a coach potato, I do happen to exercise.
    Lol, that's a hilarious website.
    (I'm not that rich.) Um, I don't think my family would appreciate it if I played that using the walls of our house.
    Np man :3
    Pretty aight I guess. The new episodes sure shook me up a bit in a good way (Serena's new design lol). Looking forward towards ep. 64 and the dub releases
    Chelsea is disslike a lot at my school. My mate walks with his chelsea scarf and gets so many people saying boooo chelsea lol
    His fight with tom tom boom or something was sick. Naseem beat the guy who was making the 12th defence of his world title
    Welfare-mart? Ah, Target is closing in Canda, I see. That's too bad. (That makes sense, but I'm just so used to seeing more customers than employees.)
    It was! :p
    Waahhhh you meanie.... *crying* jk :D Thanks anyway
    *silence* Yep I am always confused for that :S There must be some connection between the producers and Prof. Oak :S
    Oh, what a bad agent :/ Even Messi's agent allowed him to play, but it's a pity Pikachu can't come out to play
    Funny? You almost got dead there :S Yep I actually had a head-cannon that they work for Team Flare, because that makes easier for the writer to conclude the evil parties.
    Wow, Luis has no PP for the move "bite" :(
    I think she will be the one who makes Serena famous. Nono, Serena is the one Yeah, it's so obvious already but Ash is still saying something "That's looks great, Serena". Haha so that's your situation :D I don't know if that applies for others :D
    Why not? You are one. (oh, my god... XD lol!) >.> *huffs* Another indirect confession of pain and torture... *groans and throws a paper ball at him to stop the grin* (what do I get in return?) *blinks at napkin* ...So you say. =w= *facepalm* Oi...
    Yeeeaa XD *screams at the action* Eevee! D'8 *tries to hold back tears* *pulls back while swatting at him* Lemme alone!
    *pouts* You will once the animal-lovers hear about this... (*starts thinking of barbecued bird recipes*) *swats at his hand again* No! Shoo! *hisses* You couldn't kill me even if you tried!
    -.- *warning glare* No, I don't. Go away! *grabs raincoat, boots, helmet, umbrella, and shield* No need. I'm quite good at adapting to things by myself.
    Oi... >w> While that is true, in my case, I don't mind math (I neither like nor dislike it), and I just hate the comprehending parts of English and some essays (depends on the subject), but I like the correcting stuff. (lol. *shakes head* Just don't overdo it, yeah? *raises eyebrow at howl* Whether that happens or not is irrelevant; what I want is less torture! >.<) *throws a paper ball at him for his sarcasm* *rolls eyes* Psssh. (shame on you!) XD
    Yep. *the forgetting part or the lack of feeling?* Ooh~ Nice choice~! 8D You're welcome~
    (Little brat. -.- *narrows eyes* What is up with guys liking girls when they get mad? =_=' *raises eyebrow, getting reminded of the creepy little devil-like things by his random teeth reveal* (hmm...I'll think about it. XD) *snorts* Keep telling yourself that. (*hisses*) *furrows brows, perplexed by his dramatics*
    What I think? It already happened! =.= *grunts* *pales* Eh!?...Wha...But...Wai... For what purpose!? ToT you are beyond cruel! *squeaks and immediately puts on a metal helmet with hair tucked safely inside* You try anything, I'll give you touching-torture! D<
    That's domination. >.> (don't you dare...) *swats at your hand* Get off! *growls* Then don't blame me if I decide to commit sheepy-murder...
    Riiiight. =w= *eye twitches slightly, but has a mostly straight-face* Mud could be used for warmth as well, you know.
    *groans* Oh, gosh. I'm talking to a person who likes school... which wouldn't be a problem, but now I have to elaborate Okay, correction: Education-related work that isn't related to a personal interest usually stinks. Real example: I hate comprehending poetry and most passages with a passion, but I love anything related to biology; unfortunately, English/language arts and math are the two "most important" subjects after high school, and so, education-related work, for me, usually stinks. Huh, and here I thought they were only good for game and web-related things. XD (*so laptops aren't comfortable? lol, jk* That's not good! Instead of being on here, you should be sleeping! - Pssh! Stop being happy when I get mad. *pulls eyelid down*) *pouts and sniffles* No, you're not. That smiley face proves it. T.T Oh, dear. My point exactly. Get some sleep when you're done with the work!
    *squeals and accepts plushie, thankful it's still intact* Domo arigatou, Sheepy-san! :D *gives an assortment of chocolates* Heheh, I kept forgetting it was Valentine's Day. ^ ^; It so didn't feel like it here... but I do hope you enjoyed yours. ^ ^
    Nah, don't worry about. But I just can't believe that it takes you 5 minutes to walk to Walmart, while I have to drive 15 minutes to get there. (That's unusual)
    I was just kidding. :p but that must have sucked.
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