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  • Sorry for late reply man, I wasn't feeling well last couples of days.
    Yeah he can't do the programming well I heard, because every time he forgot to set how to stop the machine :/
    And that old man always has the latest information about the coming movie :D
    Nono, that victory was anticipated as usual :D Really? Why didn't Pikachu come out to play for Japan? How strange... *and scratch head*
    Hahaha that extended Pikachu cry make me remember how Malamar controlled Pikachu in XY019 :D
    Yeah they spent so much money and at the end they are still relying on Toure. Hey hey, that was going messy. Do you mean Meowth is an Italian who likes Evra? XD
    Yep, I was quite afraid if that woman is a star scout, and may bring away our precious Serena :O' Hopefully that one will just encourage Serena to participate in Tripokalons. And yep, when Ash asked what that ribbon is, she blushed while saying it's "your gift" :D Now we are only waiting Ash to realize Serena's feeling XD
    Hehe... I good at English, but it's the grammar and the right kinda words to use I struggle on, thats just due to my dyslexia though, no biggy xP no no! it's fine :D! I don't mind people correcting me, I need to know this stuff haha!
    (sorry for the repeating xD! I keep saying sorry in these posts and oh yeah! I'm still practicing, you can't stop even though it's cold, you warm up in the end anyway :p it's the feet that mostly freeze xD!)
    I'm mean ?? you just describe them tasty toppings that made me crave it xD! haha! joking
    Well apart from eating........... eating ?? aha! I'm not sure, apart from create imaginative designs with food, it's just going back to the eating option aha!
    I really not sure why :S we're foodies ?? I don't know xD!
    (hehe, my fault for posting a lot, sorry!)
    haha! most likely, but it was funny xD! and yeah, theres bulky, and theres bulky if that makes sense aha! I don't know, I prefer natural xD! even though I'm not looking for romance, I'm cool with friends and family as this moment in time, I have loads of time for that stuff I think I've already mentioned that in our earlier convocations aha
    Thats a good point :O! haha! thats good to know then, I'm exactly the same xD!
    *phaha! oh yeah, I'm still trying to eat healthy, don't worry, I haven't given up on that xP*
    That is true about no misleading title, props to the writers there xD!
    Oh man, I know right ?? that scene was... *shudders* amazing! *sniffs as well* yep I felt really bad for her, and it's how they just changed scene there, they didn't show the judging they just showed the leader bored showing Serena's loss x(.. Yes, I agree, it's a fresh new Serena, lets see what she has in store, I don't think yelling at her Pokemon is a good start haha! but we'll see :p
    I felt the same when she cut her hair!.. and that cool, you don't sound crazy, everyone has their own opinions! I loved the blue ribbon, and loved it even more that Ash was the one who noticed ^^
    Yeah, I thinking about that as well *scratches head* haha! it's fine, hows was your valentines day ??
    Oh yeah! thanks :D you to!
    Thats okay, I know exactly what your talking about! thats was one crazy episode, I loved it! I already described why aha! Oh man the scene when she cut her hair, I still can't believe Pokemon did a scene like that, never did I imagine they would until now xD!.. that'd be great for Serena, for sad in a way, because it's possible thats how they will have Serena leave the show if they do :(
    Oh yeah, the girl with Alain! I sure hope so, right now though, I like to imagine his older aha!
    *finished baking the cakes, teleports then through the phone again somehow* xD!
    What a day today was. One of my mate laying the smackdown and becoming #And-the-new-west-midlands-champion, glad for him. https://vid.me/H1KF
    It's good motivation for me. Can't wait to finish perfecting the basic's and win some trophies.
    I have no time to myself anymore, at least not enough to get on here much.
    Mine is really bloody and dark when I vent (A LOT).
    Yes, indeed. Happy belated to you, too. Happy Valentine's Day!
    I mentally rant and draw vent-type art.
    OH MY DAZE!!! this episode was amazing!! first of...
    The performance was... o_O really unexpected! that scene when Serena was on stage, with the music giving the impression that everything is going well, then BOOM! Fenniken trips, and the music while they showed Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie's faces broke me, I literally felt tears in my eyes! I absolutely loved the scene on the docks, that also brought tears to my eyes, mostly when Serena broke into tears herself.
    And the scene when she was about to cut her hair, with the flashbacks and the freaking amazing music.. oh man, I broke into tears xD! amazing! love her new design as well ^_^

    Plus there was the AmourShipping :p Ash noticing and thanking Serena for using the blue ribbon he gave her, plus Serena blushing while explaining the ribbon to him, jkhkjdshskg! *breaths* I just loved this episode SOOOO MUCH!!

    Given that, what are your thoughts ?? aha!
    *sighs with relief* thats good then haha!
    thank you aha ^_^ you can tell I'm great at English if I'm using the wrong difficult witch ever one it is xD I mean I'm finding it hard to think of another word aha! (it's cool, it's my fault ^^)
    Yep yep! (I told you that before didn't I ?? and maybe, I don't know :S but I decided, if I do ever compete in something, it will be kata tournaments) :p
    OH BOY THE ICE CREAM :D! *shouts*
    haha! your really funny xD! your right about food is meant to be eaten :p
    *hides my book of magic* this part of the convocation is getting really wired no problem!.. *wonders if he has a book for teleportation and eats the cotton candy* thanks xD!
    (no worries) :p
    Thanks! and hahah! I will =D
    (yeahh, sorry for going into a deep convocation again hehe! but thank you for agreeing :D.. yes! exactly, that is another good way to put it)
    (nah don't worry, your not speaking gibberish ^^) Phaha! don't worry, I defiantly won't be, and don't want to be, looking like a wrestler any time soon xD!.. really ?? and very good advice :D! I'll definitely be following it, theres nothing better than loving whey are as you stated! there is a saying, that you have to accept yourself so other people can accept you.. I think thats it any way :S if it not please correct me aha! aha! I see what your saying, and yeah that is most likely true :p
    *accepts za phone* okies chines and pizza it is! WOO! *orders*
    Yeah, definitely ^_^
    haha, yep! oh my daze, you are right! for this new Pokemon series, we gunner need to look up Japanese traditions aha! *looks up and whistles* I can't help it, I'm starting to believe that they will do something with Ash and Serena, even if its at the end of the series. I'm trying my best not to get my hope up too high, but it's proving to be pretty difficult.. trying though aha!.. I hope we know soon :)
    Yeah, that is true! and speaking of his age, yeah probably still is 10. But honestly, he sure doesn't look and act 10 anymore in the XY series, I like to think that he is older here. I don't know, what do you think ??
    *finds out that all the cake is gone, tries to bake more* xD!
    (Don't use that on me; I already said it counted! >_< *stares with a squinted gaze* (should I, really? >w>) And why is that? *steps closer* Pssssh... Yeah, right. -.- *snorts* Reverse psychology rarely works on me~ *slices sheep ears off* 83)
    When I tried, you scolded me for it. *continues to copy him* Crazily playful is not good. =w= Yes, you do. It usually works wonders... *waves off his anger* I don't care for porcelain much, so it doesn't matter. :p *swats your hand* And I don't see any contract forbiddening me to touch you because of your weirdness. =.=
    Yes. -_- You're surprised? *eyes trail off to side* Wouldn't them pecking me make them vicious...? If they were truly nice, they wouldn't do it even if you told them to. =w= *growls slightly* I've been out long enough! *glares* It is when my sanity is at stake! D<
    Because it's not in our nature unless we're especially weird... *pointedly looks at you* No, because you'd expect it. I'm torn between mud and something especially healthy and gross...
    I'm not. "Home/schoolwork" was meant to not leave one out since education-related work, in general, usually does stink. :p ^ ^ LOL. Oh, my. XD (*smiles at his anger* What? :3) *gasp* you weren't suppose to admit it! DX
    Happy Valentine's Day! ^ ^
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