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  • Yeah that's what I was thinking too, but considering she's already striving to become Kalos Queen, it doesn't really matter :/
    So so sad, the poor girl. I don't really mind the new design, we'll most likely get a new one later down the line! But I do prefer the old one.
    I think she's going to end up being her mentor, maybe she was the first ever Kalos Queen?
    That moment where Serena burst out in tears, it broke my heart man ;_; And Ash noticed it as well! BTW, I think Bonnie was mad that Serena had cut her hair, but Ash said she looked good.
    Well, it's actually the superintendents of our school district that decide that, not the teachers. Doesn't matter. I'm glad that I didn't have to go out today, that meant I could chill at home with no make up on. It was hot today, as it always is in the winter time here. We have like, one cold week in December and then the winter goes back to being hot like it is all-year round.
    it's also my siblings, cousins, brother-inlaws, friends, and people i talk to here and there are also saying it's your life, your choice. And i even don't like the girls that are in my culture. This is another country with different kinds. And im assuming my parents want me to marry my-kind cause it was only like that in their country e.g only their kind < because of that they aren't you to it and i'll feel like a strange new thing. But this is a different country with all kinds. I'm going to discuss this with my family. Defintily for sure nothing like this will happen among the next generation of parents.
    asked my mum again and she said no. So if i probably do want to marry her i would have to reject what my parents say. and yeah...flipping heck..facepalm and shame shame on me. i'll get a hug after the holiday and hi5's. All my mates credited me for not being shy and just going for it.
    Got my team of 5 to help sort out my roses and cards, and deliver anymousoly to ths special one.
    i done two. 1 i owed a girl from last year, 2nd it was a special one i like.
    Everything was great. Im so happy i done this, my mates were happy for me too. But one thing is i don't see no point in dating her if i can't marry her. But the girl does know that i like her know. 5 of her friends, 3 of mine, we were waiting for her biology lesson to finish so i can do my thing. 8 people there and she was like quiet, she's senseistive girl. She was like, alright thanks, giving thankful gestures in normal way, and gave me a thumps up when i said to her your the best. Would've hugged her but too many people came out cause it was home-time. I can get hugs and hi5's from her and that's it
    1 I'm annoyed and furious! *hisses* It will be if you don't get down here! D< Pay you? Yeah, right! You were suppose to deal with your punishment and go, but nooo. You wanted to start being a brat! -__-" *continues to shoot* No!
    2 But you aren't. You just so happen to be going the same way. *smiles innocently* *LOL, blinks slowly at his question, then mentally jumps as another reasonable answer comes to mind* The ones found in your heart, of course~ (>^w^)> (lol, thank you) *stares back, wondering if he'll succeed* (xP) *squints suspiciously at his giggle, thinking he's going to pull a trick again* Yes, defensive reasons. You messed with my hair and clothes; that is not an playful act. -.- No, not really. You make me give too much effort just trying to get you in the darn thing; do you think I enjoy getting painted? *shakes head* Ha! More like a whole lot of dark spots! >.>
    3 *grins* (*tilts head, tapping chin in amusement* Yes, because you think I'd actually leave you alone, that's why you don't need back-up~? :3)
    4 *snorts* It was slime; I ain't a murderer...just a torturer. :3 *you running for your life? nope. you breaking a leg? yes.* Hey, either take what you can get, or do it yourself. -_- *smirks and shrugs again just to mess with him* Why not? :p
    6 (should this be turned into a 5 now?) *mortified* No way! Don't you dare! *runs away* Besides, what kind of punishment is that?
    7 There are a number of reactions one could give; when backed into a corner of an argument, new reactions may spring forth~ *groans* Darn it. No, you don't. No tears! >__<"
    8 *pales* Oh, god... *backs up (...what the heck? XD)* I didn't lie, I said! D8
    (1) *laughs* Yes, if I say so, because what I say is true. :p (*shakes head* Nope, nope! This is just a random burst of happy-go-lucky energy. :3)
    1 *grunts at his acting* -.- Pssh. Please. >.> "you're welcome" -.- *huffs, then stands straight* Don't be a dramaqueen; that's physically impossible with a plushie-like thing. =.=
    2 *squeaks and backs up, feeling as if hair is standing up at his creepiness* o.o *squirms* Nooo. Let me go! T.T
    3 *rolls eyes as well* Bleh, good. *copies him* Pssssh... >w>
    4 *hiss* Oh, please. -_- *blocks with shield and glares* After that? You're the guilty one! *shoots him* (do you now? :p)
    5 (*glares* You should, but I wouldn't want to be your doctor anyway. Humph! *turns away*) *you can for 5k, XD* *walks behind him* I can't, Sheepy... *glances at him* Oh? How'd that happen? (shame on you. XD) *pokes at his ankle in curiosity*
    6 You sure fooled me. -_- *jumps away as soon as he stops* You're as annoying as a bug, so you count as one! (Hey! No need for that! >.<)
    7 What!? You like that stuff!? D8 Asians...have no taste buds... >.> JK (to some degree... JK! ^ ^;) (It's not odd, it's understandable! :D *huffs with hands on hips* My god! I swear you're the baby around here! *pauses, then, just out of curiosity, hands rattles*)
    8 Can't. I have a prior engagement. =.= I said I heard their brains were good, not that I eat them! >.< *pales* N-No thanks. D8 *steps back a few feet* (*pops a gummy in mouth, watching him go* B3)
    9 Meh. *sticks tongue out, then groans* Ugh...that explains everything... And you said you were a good boy? Ha! *frowns*
    (*grunts and frowns* ...My argument still stands. >.> *grins widely* Sheep are a delicious~! 8D *steps forward* What the freaking heck? Porcelain? o.o *blinks back, puzzled and in slight shock at his quick agreement* ...Ooookay? *slowly lowers ax, still in a semi-frozen state of surprise*)
    *copies him* Meaner ;P I beg to differ; you were already crazy. =.= *lightly karate-chops you* *glares* No, I don't. Don't you touch the hair! *hisses*
    Too late? There was never a starting time! >_< Little birds? Yeah, right! They're probably vicious little things... *glowers at him* We can play inside, now open that door! I know you got another key somewhere!
    *scowls* Anytime, great-grandpa! =.= *eye twitches* Then I'll make sure to add something nasty to it next time.
    Yep. Home/schoolwork is one of the worst things in life. XD Oh, you weren't. Don't worry about it. *wonders if laptops are that comfortable* Lol! No problem. XD (I drain your energy that much? :p)
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