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    The code [*IMG]http://i5.*******.com/4fxew68.jpg[*/IMG]
    Take out the *'s. Hope you like it.

    Have a nice day!
    Haven't seen you on for a while...
    You should come to the new Pokemon Riddles Thread and play :)
    You make awesome riddles and you should apply to be one of the co owners or a mod :)
    I appreciate you for correcting me with the math stuff in the Homework Help thread. I don't know why I did that, as I'm usually pretty accurate with mental calculations.
    You and Crasher are the only Elites, and are the highest-ranking active members, so I would think that one of you two should post.
    Crasher and I are thinking of making a "v2" of the club, as the majority of the current admins and mods of the club are inactive. Would you support this?
    Haha, math contests? No, not at all. Again, I enjoy math, but I'm not THAT good at it. The only difference between me and the average person is that math is not a chore for me, but rather a pastime. Granted, I'm lazy, so I dislike doing any homework, but if I had to choose a subject to study for an hour, it would be math.
    Ahaha, it is amazing what a year can do to a to a nub if he sticks around. I don't particularly remember you being nubbish, though. Just, well, smart. =P

    Back in my nub days, I thought a Choice Band raised special attack. xD
    Nah, the name made sense to me. Articuno with "Sm" in front to make "Smart." A tad arrogant maybe, but at least it made sense. =P And at least it didn't have random numbers strung together at the end.
    Why yes, I do remember that incident so long ago. I recall I was baffled at what you were asking. I, too, am somewhat fascinated by the icosahedron, although perhaps now, as I am no longer taking geometry, it's just a username and nothing else. Hehe.

    Having been on a fairly large hiatus prior to August, I haven't been able to keep up with all these name changes. You'll have to excuse me for wondering who you were; rest assured, I definitely would have recognized "SmArticuno." =P
    Well now, this is unexpected. =P How did you decide to add me? Heck, how did you even find me? I only stay in the RMT sections, for the most part. xD
    I noticed that, in the Legendary Alliance, you listed a few type combinations that make a loop.
    You missed a rather crucial one- Flying/Fighting/Rock.

    That is all.
    hey !its me im friends with profesco and i was the one who said cool vacation and i sent a friend request to u want to be my friend?
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