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  • (Taking this to VM if you don't mind since the PM convo is looking kinda cluttered at this point)

    What a coincidence. I'm friends with both of you. ^.^
    I know, that's kinda why I used the both of us as examples, lol.
    Oh, well, in the top right corner of a signle cpvisitor message, it says view conversation.

    I'm pretty sure it's also in the Newbie Guide.

    Lol, I suck badly too, so I don't really care who I battle, as I haven't really battled anybody in some time :p
    Don't worry, I'm pretty sure almost everybody did that once or twice.

    Well, that's good to hear, maybe we could battle sometime.

    Oh, and one more thing regarding Visitor Messages, to the top right of a visitor messageit says view conversation.

    Click on that, and you'll just have to type in the box instead of going to the other person's profile.
    Well, you're welcome.

    Did you exchange Friend Codes with somebody already?

    Beuase if you don't nobody will show up there.

    You can add and delete Friend Codes in yor Pal Pad.

    If you did, though, then maybe the other person isn't there right now, or has connection problems.

    Maybe ask them if hey can see you?

    Also, if you want to reply to soemthing, you might want to post on the profile of the person you're replying to, beause otherwise they won't be able to see you reply :p
    Awwe! Thank you so much for this! You're an amazing person! I am actually currently in the Wi-Fi club trying to have a battle with someone..Not having much luck though..:p
    Uh, in your Sig it says that you don't know how to battle online...

    If you want to listen, then, um...

    There are wo ways to go through this.

    1. You talk to the right attendant in a Pokémon Center, and select Battle/Match (or something similar).

    Then in Gen V, you can also select Random Matchup, where you battle against random people.

    2. The far better method, you exchange Friend Codes (found in your Pal Pad) and you arange a time with the person you swapped afriend Codes with, and you both talk to the middle attendant in the Pokémon Center.

    There, you will enter the Union Club.

    Once you see another chaacter drop down, you can talk to him/her and do one of the following thins:
    Exchange Records
    Show eachother your Trainer Card
    Spin Eggs (a minigame where both of you enter an egg and you randomly get one)

    And then just wait for the other person to say yes :p

    Oh, and, hi!

    Welcome to SPPF.

    Hope you have a great time here.

    If you need help or whatever just ask :D
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