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Recent content by Sheik

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    Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v.4.0

    Baiji? (Yangtze river dolphin) would be cool like one member suggested or a ocean type dolphin like a bottlenose or a orca whale which is also a dolphin.. Someone had told me Gorebyss is based on a dolphin, but I think it's based on a deep sea fish. I seen one on animal show on deep sea fish...
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    Pokemon Black and White Mall Tour

    I'll be going on the 20ths to the castleton mall in Indianapolis I can't wait. My mom invited my older brother maybe he decides to not go with us because he takes forever to get ready. I want to get there early so I can get stuff and check things out I'll bring two cameras to take...
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    Official Platinum Shiny Discussion; read the first post.

    I just got me a shiny Giratina at 9:32 PM I couldn't believe my eyes what I saw on that screen took me by surprise! I weakend it and used dusk ball on it alot of times, but it finally went in. It's nature is Modest HP: 208 ATK:91 Def:123 SP.Atk:117 SP.Def:121 Speed:104 and is Alert to...
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    Are you going to import Platinum?

    I imported diamond and pearl so I'll most likely import this ones too then when I buy the US version i'll transfer all my pokemon to my us platnium after I finish the story..
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    Ranch pic thread.

    Very cute pictures hopefully this weekend I can take my wii to my cousins and download the game to take pictures too.
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    Official Help Thread

    Yeah it worked with ditto some reason when I first tried it and walked around and watered berries did more walking and battlng with trainers for around 10 minutes and the breeder poke'ch didn't have an egg so I thought it wouldn't work with it ah well my mistake I'm still pretty new with...
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    Official Help Thread

    I'm trying to breed all mart starters and I have a male bulbasaur in the daycare with a ditto never got any eggs so I tried a bellsprout I got around 5 eggs and all have hatched into bellsprout so should I keep trying with bellsprout and eventually i'll get a bulbasaur? Thanks for the help.
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    The Nicknaming Thread

    I usually just nickname just my team. This is my game team I haven't really tried to work on any other teams. Empoleon/Azure Infernape/Goku Torterra/Genbu Lucario/Ryu Garchomp/Seiryu Luxray/Luxor
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    What pokemon teams you used for D/P league

    My first team that I beat the E4 with is Ryu/Lucario Lv.53 Seiryuu/Garchomp Lv.55 Goku/Infernape Lv.61 Genbu/Torterra Lv.64 Luxor/Luxray Lv.54 Azure/Empoleon Lv.56
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    I don't really care about gender for most of the poke'mon on my team only one is my Garchomp When I was breeding a couple of gible I made sure it was a male I just like the way it's fin looks.
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    Magmortar: Better or Worse?

    I like magmar it looks pretty cool also I really like it's evo too it does look a bit fat, but a few drawings on deviantart got me liking magmortar more. =) I agree I wished it had a bit more speed..
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    Pokemon Ranch/Farm

    I think it looks cute hopefully there will be more info and pictures soon. I agree the poke'mon could have been a bit differen't like in PBR game, but way they look on the pictures reminds me of those chao from sonic..
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    Funny Things About the Game

    I think Misdreavus disappears into his or her beads not sure about that, but I think that's what happened I forgot since I haven't used mine on my team for a bit.
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    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Time & Darkness Expedition (022)

    I really loved the first mystery dungeon episode i've only seen a few pictures of this new episode and it looks pretty good so far I'm glad Gabite will be in this one it's one of my favorite poke'mon.
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    megaman star force

    I missed it sadly I didn't knew this was going to be on and only found out after looking around and was allmost over. I like the game hopefully they start showing this on CN soon.