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  • well kalo nyari di Trade Shop kadang ada sih, yang ngasih gratisan, tapi jarang banget.
    sayangnya ga ada, saya justru juga lagi nyari....

    ini barusan dari GTS, malah engga dikirim ke Sea sama sekali, dapetnya 1 Manor 3 Forest ~.~

    akhirnya tarik Wobby female dari Manor
    Wah, masa? Kereen! :D
    Berarti org Indo ada yg jadi mod di Serebii... Hore! :D
    Oh iya, salam kenal juga... ^^
    Hi there! Do you want to join a clan? If so, you should join the M.O.T.1.0.!(Masters of Technology)(sorry, kinda looking for members, if your not interested, you don't have to reply.:/) You looked like a good battler so I figured you might be a good person to ask.:I
    I have the first three volumes of TEToP Manga. It's the Viz version so there are no oversized boobs (and thank god). I hope Viz reprints the series in the future so I can finish it.

    Also, who in their right mind would stick to the game mechanics of Pokemon when adapting a game into their own story? The battles would be boring to the readers and surely it would occur to the author that the battles seem way too lackluster. I know I learned this as I wrote Pokemon fics.
    Yeah, nothing too dark but nothing too light-hearted. Like a good balance of the two to capture the feel of a realistic Pokemon world (at least as real as a world full of powerful creatures can get).
    I agree. I wish that The Pokemon Company could make games to appeal to the older Pokemon fans. Like an actual novel series written by a dedicated Pokemon fan like us. THAT would kick *** (provided that the adaptation is fathiful and the story and characters are great). Though make it sorta in the same vein as PokeSpe where each main region has its own set of great, diverse characters with the occasional crossovers.

    Yes, there were Pokemon novels for kids but I'm talking about ones based on the games and aimed at teens or adults who like Pokemon. It'd be like the novelization of the Robotech series (but you don't know about that, do you?).
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