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  • Hey! No idea if you go on here anymore, but it's RaichuArcanine from SHU here, I lost my password for my old account xD I hope you are well mate :)
    Hello! Boy, I'm sorry it took me 3 years to respond but I haven't logged into this account in so many years. You still around? I'm getting back into hunting and it's nice to see some old friends.
    Wow, you're resetting for Lugia, too? A couple of months! Talk about being a pain in the ... uh, neck. I hope it shows off some sparkles soon. Fingers crossed. And yes, I would be happy with seeing some pictures, too. We could support each other while these awful drab normal Lugia keep on harassing us! :p

    I think Lugia will surprise us when it shines. It's hard to sort of know what it will look like "in real life" until you see it, but they usually do look better than you expect them to. I've looked up Lugia on the GTS on XY, and the shiny does look quite nice, but it's not the 4th/5th gen sprite, and it will probably look a lot more vibrant in HGSS than on XY.

    Good luck with it!
    Hi there, Shep! Of course I remember you. Long time no see. Thanks for the message. I appreciate it. And thanks for the congrats, too. I must admit that I'm really smitten with Ho-oh, and very happy to have him. ... It probably sounds weird to say smitten, but yeah ... haha. It was something I never thought I would ever have for a long time, many years ago, because I thought that I wouldn't have the patience or strength to attempt to hunt for shiny legendaries. But I've had success and I know I can do it now. My next target is Lugia, so let's see when he decides he wants to join Ho-oh's ranks.

    How have you been? What has been happening?
    Hey dude I actually got my Shiny Thundurus yesterday! Thanks again or I would be stuck there forever! I posted some pics in the shiny hunters club forum too!
    wow, THANKS!!!! I had no idea:p I have never hunted for a roamer. thanks for telling me, you probably saved me a month of hunting:) lol i am really stupid sometimes.
    Hey, just passing by to crongratulate you on your lucky row (specially that Audino, its so cute on its shinny sprite)
    Also, I noticed you seem to have the japanese version, would you be interested on trading a Ditto or a male from the field egg group? (I wanna try the MM)
    I saw your post and I just wanted to say good luck with your hunts, (I'm guessing Sewaddle ^^) and by the way your shiny card is very nice, LSA did a great job on it.
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