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  • No, I'm busy with test this last week before break. After school on Friday (tomorrow and Friday are half days) I can finally get back to hunting. I'm hunting my second shiny Clefairy via LG's Game Corner and also Whismur on Sapphire. You?
    Well I've shifted my Route 116 hunt to emulator (Sapphire keeps freezing and it's worrying), so I guess I could... I'll think about it when I'm in a better frame of mind. n_n''
    I love it when you remember the exact spot where it was found. 8D Whenever I go walking around where you find Spinda and Skarmory, I step onto one particular tile and I'm always like, "this is where I found my shiny Spinda!"
    I have a couple of trophy shinies. My 2nd shiny Chikorita will be one eventually, since I don't like keeping two of the same species together; shiny or not.

    Sometimes it's cooler that way. C: Can't use all of 'em for battling.
    LOL yeah I find it wierd how you can throw a Pinsir in a Cute contest and everyone can love it, but if you throw a REAL cute Pokemon in, the audience will ignore it because it hasn't rotted its system with candy. D::

    Talking about this is making me REALLY want to make some Pokeblocks and jump into a Contest...
    The 4th Gen ones are far too tricky with the dressup thing and dance competitions. Just plain attack appeal does it for me. C<

    I just love how simple the 3rd Gen ones are. I like how you get their pictures done all special as well after each contest. 8DD
    Yay! n__n That's awesome!

    Did you do the contests in Gen 3 or 4? I personally like Gen 3's contests better; I like the points system and combo moves. The ones on Gen 4 always confused me. D:

    I'm thinking of entering my shiny Aron in some contests when I get that far on Ruby...
    (haven't done too many encounters, unfortunately. Been really preoccupied getting a good-natured Dratini egg on Diamond)
    Lol that's exactly how I found my Starly. >D

    Well I guess as long as the person who claims to have found a random (yet chainable) shiny has a pretty clean name, then most people will trust that the person isn't lying.
    With chained Pokemon I don't use, I tend to just put them aside in the boxes and give them to a friend or something. I still have like, 4 shiny chained Bidoof and aout 5 chained Starly because of that... .__.

    Man, my random encounter shiny Starly looks so wierd amongst the chained ones! You could never tell that she was random, it sucks. D::
    I need to train her to make her look special. C8<
    Awww.... but still, a shiny Skitty is pretty awesome. C:

    Maybe have it different from your DPPt one. Is your DPPt one a Delcatty or Skitty? Maybe not evolve it and use it as an item thief? Maybe even a contest Pokemon! ;3

    I've reached Route 116. Just sped to there on a new emu game. I feel kinda bad hunting on emulator... >o> No music yet but I'll still start my hunt.
    owo I'm sorry but WOW. I would LOVE for a shiny Skitty to show up! <333

    Yay Premier Ball. C8
    Well I'm just downloading some RBY/GSC music (ran out of ideas for music) so I can hunt. I can't stand hunting with no music in the background, and since my computer is blank atm, there's not much to choose from. D:
    I was actually planning on hunting in Route 116, so I like the sound of hunting there. C:

    Since you're okay with it, I think I will hunt on emulator. I'm enjoying actually playing through the storyline on my cartridge Sapphire right now, so stopping to hunt may be troublesome. n__n''
    Or maybe a Route 117 hunt? I'm fine with anything, really. C: If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell~

    Forgot to reply to the other part of your VM. There has been alot of one-liner crap on the club lately, hasn't there? :/ Sometimes I wonder if the club's gonna go downhill like the last one did. Where would we all go then?
    Dunno how it got corrupted... I think it is because it had been sitting around lately and could have gotten stuff on it, but that is all I can think of.
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