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  • )8<

    Dammit. Lost the race!! D::
    Congrats, though!! C: I might take the hunt to both emu and cartridge so I'm a little more motivated! o3o

    Got any other hunts that you're working on?
    That's fine. n__n
    Not too sure when I'll start the hunt, but it'd give me some motivation to do something on my irl Sapphire. C<
    I'd gladly race you for a shiny Rusturf Whismur. I can be fair and hunt him on my irl Sapphire game, too. C: I could use a shiny party member as inspiration for facing Rayquaza~
    You can't reset for a shiny Mew but you can SR for nature and IV's.

    When you get into the Wifi Menu(4th one, though you probably know that), click the first option. When the next menu pops up with 4 different options, pick the "Wi-Fi" one, then click the first option when that pops up. You should then get Mew :).
    Thank you!! n__n

    I'm not sure, actually. I did some SRs for Ho-oh on my SoulSilver game yesterday and quickly grew bored, so I might try for a Kanto bird or Groudon instead.
    ): I know.
    I started the hunt at the beginning of June.

    Longest shiny hunt to date for me. I really hope something pops up real soon...
    I'm actually gonna catch an Electrike to EV train there. I won't count the encounters when I do that, but hopefully it'll help with hunting. <:
    Damn, that really sucks losing the same species more than once! D:
    It's almost like the games are trying to say "no shiny Whismur for you!"

    Game corruptions would be really hard to handle, especially if you've spent so much time on the game and gotten so much on it. ;~;
    I'm glad that I've never come across losing any shiny on accident or unintentially (A couple of Snorunts in a chain because I wanted a female, and I'd caught 4 males already!).

    Which ones did you lose? D:
    Haha, I know that. n.n
    I meant trade to another 2nd Gen game. Maybe a friend of yours has one, or even just pick up one secondhand.

    I guess that's a plus side to me playing GSC games on emulator. There's very little fear of losing save slots, and shinies. >:
    I'd kill for a irl cartridge. I have a bootleg Crystal, but I want a REAL one. Emulators get boring after a while.
    To begin with I was disappointed, but I enjoy having two of my favourite ever Pokemon in shiny form, so it's not all that bad. n.n'' As disappointed as I would be if the third wound up as a Chiko, at the same time it'd be awesome to have a shiny of each member of the family!! o:

    I feel like that alot with my teams. I rarely ever use starters on my team unless they're my ultra-faves. Legendaries are a bit better for me because there's more of a variety, but yeah, more than one in a single team would be a little overpowering. D:

    My first ever GSC shiny was Butterfree. Excluding 1/64 hatched shinies, that's the only shiny I've ever gotten on GSC. I may take up a hunt on GSC sometime for another...
    Why don't you trade the Tentacool over? :3
    My first HGSS starter was like that.
    Only took about 360SRs. I was just casually browsing Serebii and talking on msn and it showed up so unexpectedly early! o:

    Then the second Chiko showed up while watching a movie. I was like, "I'll get to 1000SRs and stop for the night"
    Well, it decided to show at 993. C<

    Are you gonna try for another? Or are you gonna try for something later on?
    Hey, sorry I wasn't on. I've been helping my sister make a PBR pass. I'll come on in a minute. What's your FC? I don't think you gave it to me.
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