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  • i will give you 2 legendary from the 4th gen and 2 masterballs for your shiny adment larvitar, shiny shinx, and shiny charmander. i already sent you a PM so disregard that ok. im willing to offer more i just want those three shiny and your the only guy offering all of them,
    I have all these shinies, willing to trade. All caught with Poke Radar, and I also have pokerus. Again, they are ALL shiny and ALL non- hacked. Most are Adamant-synchronized.

    Larvitars- Lonely lvl 6, Modest lvl 6, Modest lvl 6, Jolly lvl 6
    Gravelers- Bashful lvl 27, Gentle lvl 27, Serious lvl 27, Jolly lvl 27
    Machop- Adamant lvl 5, Adamant lvl 5
    Gastrodon- Rash lvl 40
    Shinx- Bashful lvl 4
    Starly- Lax lvl 2, Docile lvl 2, Lonely lvl 2
    Skitty- Adamant lvl 40, Naughty lvl 40, Adamant lvl 40, Hardy lvl 40

    Larvitar- Gentle lvl 6, Relaxed lvl 6
    Machop- Bold lvl 5, Quiet lvl 5, Brave lvl 5
    Gastrodon- Rash lvl 40
    Skitty- Adamant lvl 40, Quiet lvl 40, Adamant lvl 40, Impish lvl 40

    No gender-
    Magnemite- Impish lvl 29

    I will trade these for any of these, shiny, and male. I guess nature doesn't matter.
    Ghastly, Charmander, Whismur, Cyndaquil. Or NON SHINY but NOT HACKED: Lugia. PM if you want to trade.
    Hey what are the characteristics of the shiny male adamant machop??

    (Ex:likes to fight,quick to flee)
    (Located on the last two lines of the nature page)
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