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  • I'm enjoying my msn-less time. x__x

    Go Pinwheel, or sommin'. I can't see you spending much time with Virizion, honestly. I'm hunting in Route 3 for shits and giggles and I'm already past 3k. Lol.

    Bye bye coursework.
    Congrats on the shiny Petilil, it's not the shiny you wanted but It's still a nice looking shiny. Hope you get a Sewaddle soon.
    Thanks for the congrats! And you either mean Duskull or Dusklops, because you can only get Dusknoir through trade evolution.
    I didn't really talk to you much, I think I talked to you once. But you seem very nice and you always catch really awesome shinies. I think it's sad that everyone keeps leaving the club but I can't really blame them, it seems like it's sinking fast. Good luck shiny hunting, and if you want to, I think it'd be nice to hear if you get a shiny.
    You and me didn't talk much but its a shame to see someone who has been around the club longer than two days leave like the people who posted above you.
    If you want, you can add my MSN screen name from in my profile and we can chat. It's nice talking to other hunters. :)
    asdfghjkl;; YES IT IS.

    LIKE. I CAN'T WAIT. And it's alright I'm hyper too. I have the whole house to myself to blast my favourite music and CLEAN. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. <3

    Then tomorrow I relax and do NOTHING BUT PLAY GAMES. 8D
    For some inexplicable reason, I've always thought that you lived in Ireland.

    But today I look at your location and it says "Arizona"...

    I laughed.
    I haven't actually posted on your profile in a while, huh? ^^;

    Damn, it's so lonely on msn without you... It's only 10:16pm and I miss you like burning. ;u;

    Be online tomorrow, kay?
    Congratulations on the shiny Articuno. First legendary shiny is always great.
    It's my favourite of all of the 3 birds too. You didn't count the sr, did you?
    Well, good luck on your other hunts too, and the secret one w/ LSA, whatever that is, lol.
    Umm that was my first one while sring for a starter but once before on Sapphire I think it was, I ran into a shiny Poochyena before I had any pokeballs. Eventually one day I will avenge both of them.
    Thanks for the concern. It's not like shiny is something easy to get, though.^^
    Good luck on your hunts, you need to get catch a legendary.
    oh i almost forgot, the Giratina egg i am working to get, i'm gonna try to hatch a shiny.
    it'll prolly take a life time but its gonna be sick! haha later
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