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  • Hah, my Diamond did that last week and I was so damn scared. D: You know how important my Diamond game is to me. *flails*
    I know, right? It's bull... And apparently the game itself is really annoying to get coins for. >:I Good thing that the Game Corner is still on the Japanese version haha. xDD

    Yay! I'm nearly at 2000 SRs! I'm going kinda slow... my boyfriend brought over one of the old PSX Spyro games that I used to play YEARS ago and I still play it like a pro years later. O__o Boy, it's addicting, though.
    Aww, your battery died too? Well it had a better run than mine; I only got two shinies from my cartridge! : D

    Haha, I'm at like... 1800 SRs now. Yayy~
    So... three Pinsir at a time? Hmm... I'd have to do it on emulator, but a change from Abra would be nice. c:

    Nearing 750 SRs for Groudon.
    I don't have Leaf Green on me anymore; I lent it to someone and she's having a blast.

    I could always do it on emu, but.. idk. D: I don't like using emu so much anymore. How many Pinsir can you buy at a time? If it's only one, I could always hunt Porygon. If it's two, I could hunt for a Scyther. : D
    I bought Ruby the other day (should arrive any day now!) so I could dual-SR Groudon (Ruby + SS) and so I could have my lucky Ruby game on a cartridge. Too bad my Sapphire's battery has officially died. :C

    The picture idea was going to involve your dear Poochyena and the song that was playing in the background, but I haven't felt good at all lately to get it on paper. I dunno if I ever will now. D:

    Heyyy;; I think it was you who was anti-oppositegender in Pokemon games, but I really, reeeaaallly want to play as Lucas on Pearl. Should I? I could always use a male alias instead of my own female name lol (It's wierd when they do that).
    Well!! It might be a couple of weeks before I can be bothered signing on msn to view those! =<= Mum's msn is outdated and won't load unless I install the latest version, and her computer is snail-slow enough as it is, so I'm sticking to Meebo when I have the patience.

    HURR HURR my shiny Chikorita is so beautiful. 8D
    I know that feeling... I can't be arsed continuing my Route 47 hunt, or my Route 102 hunt either. I've started up a hunt for Giratina which I'm sure I'll continue through (I'm dual resetting, which is more motivating), but I'm stuck on what to do for others. ^^;;

    Stupid March Madness hasn't shone for me, either. >:C
    Thanks! And trust me, I'm trying to post the video, but my computer crashed while it was uploading. Don't worry though, I'll get it posted somehow! Did my post in the shiny pokemon club go through? I can't see it at all.
    You're not gonna know what hits you when you see all these. Though, I don't want to send so many that others hit the 2nd page, so Imma stop now. xDD

    Notice I have smilies on like, almost every one of these on the last sentences? :'D
    OH AND... I hope so much that Carnivine hatches shiny early. Imma kill you if it's over 775 eggs. >:C Though, your last prediction got me a shiny Mudkip, so I guess I can count on ya. : D
    I'm so tired holy crap. It's only 9:27pm ''orz. I can't wait to go on the roadtrip tomorrow. It's gonna consist of EV training, shiny hunting, eating junk food, and more shiny hunting. It's gonna be FANTASTIC.
    Kaito looks nice, too, even if his species is a chainable swarm. His highest IV is Sp.Def though, but he's gonna be awesome as a Hariyama. 8D
    I'm so glad I migrated Mortar. She is SO PRETTY OMG;; And she might have around 30 Def IVs as well, HOLY CRAP. I don't know why so many of my shinies have kickass IVs. My Shiftry most definitely has 31 Sp.Atk IVs, too, her strongly defiant characteristic says so. :B
    I migraaaated some of my Pokes. I'm gonna post on the club with them, and I've also got a new photobucket account which I'm gonna dump all my photos on again. It's shinyhunterlsa, easy enough to remember. : D
    MSN IS MEAN. It only lets me send so many offline messages. >:C LAME.

    So Imma spam you on here instead. That'll be lulz.
    ITS OVER NINE THOUSAAANNDDD-- Hehee, I'm just EV training the remainder of my Gen 3 shinies, then I'm gonna migrate a couple of them over. owo
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