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  • LOL whoops, I forgot about Tentacruel and Lanturn taking up that last 10% :p

    Still a good percentage, though. Nuzleaf was 10% and I still got 'im~
    You should hunt in Route 47, too. Shellder's really common there : D Not as common as Chinchou, but it's a 40% chance anyway~
    LOL no way do I want to SR over something again... =__= Will do... Though I have nothing as of yet to SR for on my other games until I reach Palkia or can access Spiritomb. ;3; I need to play more on my games...
    He wasn't happy at having 1HP :c I wouldn't, either!

    I was stuck on what Pokeball to use, and then I saw the Love Ball and thought "omg PURPLE Quagsire in a LURVE BALL" so I did it. >: D
    Yay! : D You go get that shiny!

    I'm gonna EV train Clyde after work (nearly at 300 encounters so I'm gonna stop now), and Imma play ESTPOLIS. :U

    I took so many photos of Clyde. Did you see them on the shiny club?
    Dude, it's Lufia. No way am I gonna get one of the trickiest puzzle RPG games completed quickly. ;D

    Haha, we all stirred up hell in this week's WSC this week. Good lulz. Apparently I'm a cruel person for telling someone to drop the dyslexia sympathy card in a SPRITING CONTEST.
    I know! :'D Oh man, he's so pretty, too...

    I'm at 260 encounters in Route 47 so far. I'm gonna encounter until I have to go to work, so I should get to at least 300 by the end of the night. :3

    But man, I got Estpolis working on my R4... D: I WANNA PLAY IT MORE;;
    : D Shiny Wooper showed up after... ONLY 75 FRICKEN ENCOUNTERS.

    I knew my SoulSilver would shine for me again someday. :'D I would've loved a shiny Heracross while training in Mt. Silver, though. I should put that down for a hunt, too. Once Clyde (Wooper)'s EV trained and stuff, I'm gonna fish hunt in Route 47 for a shiny Chinchou or Shellder!
    I love Wooper, man. I've always wanted a shiny one ever since I hatched a shiny Woop on Crystal on the 8th egg. Seeing photos of them being found in the wild randomly (rather than chained) feels so magical and I want one so bad. *o*

    I'm sorta hunting and sorta not. Since this Sapphire game's going to my cartridge once I fix the berry glitch, I want to have the best Trainer Card on this game, too, so I'm Pokedex filling as I hunt. So I'm catching all the available Pokes at the moment and training them there 'till evolution. <: Also EV training Cless in Atk as I go~

    I don't want a shiny Ralts or Surskit. 8DD
    Thank you for the congrats ^_^. It was easy to tell it was shiny, I had no problems with it. It was so awesome seeing it on my SP screen, I'm happy that it appeared and not Wingull. I'm going to stick to Route 103 and hope a Poochyena shines next!
    Hope you can get Zigzagoon to shine soon :).
    Thanks n no, sorry. I can actually w/ my crappy webcam, but better no, lol. :x

    Yeah, I agree w/ no race for Mudkip. Just let's see how long the 3 of us can get it.^^
    Thanks for the advice, I'm sure it will help! :D
    Whoa... I started a hunt in Route 114 today, and already I find a shiny!! :D

    Nuzleaf, Impish natured. This Ruby has some freakish luck. I'm not gonna post it to the shiny club, however, since it involves *gasp*emulators, but I've uploaded a vid of me catching it on YouTube. Damn, another Premier Ball shiny, and on the first throw, too!
    ^^; I'm working slowly on it, sorry. I'm really not feeling much motivation for him... plus I'm scared that I'm gonna SR over him like I did last time.

    I've started up a hunt in Route 114, too. I suddenly really want a shiny Zangoose, though their encounter rate is only 19% Can't hurt to try. xD
    I've done 1000 sr so far. Looks I'm gonna be ahead of you for the sr, still not sure bout the luck. i'll vm LSA too to ask bout this.^^
    Congrats on your shiny Treecko, Shep.

    Hopefully I'll get my shiny Mudkip soon too.
    From now on, I'll congrat you thru vm, unless I miss the new.^^
    LOL I've just made it to Dewford, too. c: Though I'm searching every spot and talking to every person on my game for items and Pokenav registering~ <3

    I'm looking forward to work, though. I haven't worked all week. :c
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