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  • Oh! xD I thought you could record for less time than that...

    It'd be awesome for when English HGSS comes out, when you SR another starter. Will you record it? :3
    Lol I always fill the empty spaces of my team with Pickups. xDD Not so much with my Emerald I'm playing right now, because I'm Pokedex-filling as I play...

    Filling the National Dex is gonna be tough. xD
    Damn... that sucks... Does your camera use its own battery or do you use rechargables, because lithium batteries are damn brilliant if you want to use a camera for a long time. They take forever to run out, too, so they're worth the extra money.
    I'll do some more SRs for Mudkip after work. For now, I'm really enjoying playing through Emerald on a new game without having to OCD worry about EV training. xDD It's really fun playing Pokemon for a new reason now, rather than just shiny hunting. It's become fun again.

    Catching an appearance on film would be so amazing. Too bad your camera can't film for all that long. Have you tried buying a bigger SD/XD card for you cam?
    I can't turn around and be like that a**hole Poke_Cannon and whinge that nothing's shown up, because two shinies have already shown up. It just sucks that I wasn't able to keep either of them.

    I am happy for you. Shiny Treecko is so damn pretty, not to mention useful. I'm working on a new Emerald game alongside Plat to get the best trainer cards, but I'm still SRing on and off for 'kippers. It'd be really awesome if you SR'd with me. c:
    LOL yes, the feller on the animu who traded it away for a complete Kanto set. Tsk tsk...

    ...though people don't seem to care much about shiny Gyarados anymore because of the guarenteed one on HGSS. You're better off keeping it as a Magikarp, unless it has a good nature. Dx
    Shockingly, I didn't find it as disappointing as I thought I would. I was sorta expecting it, I guess. o:

    Damn. I wanna play MD3 so bad now...
    Heh. I'm gonna give it an honest attempt. The most I've ever had to SR for a shiny HGSS starter was 4000, so I'm hopeful I'll get one earlier than that, or close to that number. <:

    I really hope it'll be a Chikorita, too.
    Hehe, that sounds like a nice motivation to keep SRing Mudkip. <: I'd love to SR Treecko one day, too, and I agree about the fact that it doesn't always have to be racing. ^^

    Oh dear... I can't remember if I've shown you or not, but have you seen Abenzio's latest freak out on YouTube? OH MY GOD;; OHHH MY GOD;; SHINEY MAGIKARPP!!!11!!one!!

    Srsly. whoa. what the hell... .__.
    Haha, this'd be the 2nd year I've ever NOT celebrated Single Awareness Day xDD I'm tempted to go and catch a nice-natured Luvdisc before the day ends...
    Nah, I've been spending Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, so I've been mainly playing games (lol Mystery Dungeon Sky and Platinum). xDD

    How's your games going? o: No Ho-oh yet, I'm guessing...
    Yeah, it's overrated, but it's surprising how not many people do it, and it is quite a fun activity to do, since it'll give you a chance to train Pokes you'd never even bother to train before, and you might find new favs. xDD
    I've finally started a Platinum game! D8< One that I'll actually stick to for once... I'm glad, because I'm gonna try and get a BLACK trainer card. :B

    It's gonna be tough, but man, I want one of those. They're so PRETTY;; And it means that I have to complete the National Dex, which means potential random shinies. *o*
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