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  • Sorry if my screen names or avatars are a little offensive or... just generally annoying. I'm a bit of a freak outside of the forums. ;D Jus' lemme know if you'd like them changed (as sometimes I do have shounen ai avatars).
    Adding people is fairly straightforward when you've got it loaded up, so you shouldn't have much of a problem there. I dare you to guess what my hotmail is...

    Hint: You don't really need one, it's that obvious ;D
    Hopefully it'll work this time. ^^;

    I'm gonna get going so I can get ready for work. I'm not gonna be back for another 6 hours, so you'll probably be gone by then. :x

    See yaaa~
    B'ahhhw he died!? =A= He was cool...

    I always name my shinies. Heck, I always name any Pokemon I use. It's become a bit of an obsession, actually, because I refuse to keep any Pokemon (even shiny) if it can't be nicknamed, or doesn't have a nickname.

    I guess I'm just obsessed with individuality. .o.
    Omg House's new season's just hit here... it's amaziiinnggg. :'DD

    I ditched Lost after the 2nd season, though. It got way too outta hand. :x
    I get endless complaints from mum if I do this every day...

    I only took one photo just to experiment a little. Super Macro does alot nicer photos than regular Macro~

    Argh;; I did a decent amount of battles for EV training her just a little while ago, and I took my SP outside and sat it somewhere so I could change the dogs' water bowl. I come back to it and accidentally bump it against the fence... RESET. D8<

    silly SPs..
    I get paid more than some of the older workers there. For some reason, us newbies were bumped up to $14 an hour (minimum is $12.50) and it caused a real ruckus in the deli. I work for it, though; I do almost all of the work whenever I'm there, compared to the others who just slack off or chat the whole shift away.

    Oh wow, I've wasted all of my day sitting here doing nothing. :B Persona 4's LJ fanfic community is just way too addictive...
    That's cool. I'm gonna do the video stuff in the future I guess.
    I mean, hunting and counting itself take too much to do already.

    Good luck on your other hunts.^^
    Pff;; I have only one, crappy 3-hour rostered shift a week. Sometimes I'm lucky though, and I pick up alot of hours, like this week... but a couple of weeks ago I had to make do with one shift. :I
    It's alright. I don't really care 4 the congratz actually, that's why I don't even bother to get a good camera to get better pics or vid n stuff. The shinies that count. I join the club so I can get motivated n be among ppl like you.

    So when you're hunting for it, did you count the tentacruel too?
    It's a score if I get a shiny with good IVs or a good nature. I EV train anyway just to make the very most of them, but it never really bothers me any, either.
    The highlighted one is its nature, which is Serious. Well I know すこし means "very--whoa, what.

    Just Google searched it, and apparently it's "somewhat of a clown." What the hell? .o.
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